Angel Of Light

Trust me. There are so many angels out there that are waiting to connect with you. The signs are in abundance. You just have to be open minded. But please do NOT become obsessive about it. Everything is not going to be a sign. You will know when it is. Don't question it, trust your intuition and your knowing. The signs are there waiting for you to discover.

The more you believe, the more you will see. The greater the signs will begin to appear. The messages may not make sense at first. Trust! You may not recognize these experiences right away as a divine connection. Just remember that your angels give you experiences and moments that help shape you. They guide you to become the best person you can be.

Here is a beautiful story from one of my students:

James was very close to his Grandmother. She passed on the twenty fifth of October. Through out the last days of her place on the earth plane, she would conjure up enough energy to speak to him. Unlike when others were in the room she would struggle with speaking.

While grandma was in the hospital this cloud image appeared right outside her window. At first James' mother saw the image when it was all white clouds. But when James looked out the window it lit up with the sun shining behind it. What a beautiful gift! She wanted him to know that he was the light of her life when he was around!

During her last moments she was staring off to one corner and moving her mouth as if she were talking to someone. He knew her time was very limited at this point. After she had passed I asked her to “give me two signs your OK once you get home.” James said, “Make it thunder and do something with the phone line.”

My aunt was staying with us because I refused to let her stay at a hotel. Later that night we were watching television when the phone rang. With caller ID you can see the caller information on the television screen. It had my Grandmother’s phone number displayed. No one was staying at her house. When I picked up the phone, I said “hello” about seven times. No one was on the other line!

Later that night when I was in bed thinking about her, it thundered!

What amazing confirmation that grandma was in the higher realm and had made it to her eternal home! Once you understand the process, know what to look for and recognize those special moments, you will be able to find peace in the passing of a loved one.

It doesn't mean you will not miss them. It definitely does not diminish the pain of their passing. But it does assist you in finding the peace and knowing they are with you, always!

The day of the funeral service for James' grandmother he asked his angels for strength to help him get through the day. The moment he said this, he felt a cool sensation that gave him chills. Added by what felt like a warm embrace. A few months later while in a deep sleep she decided to visit him and she left behind a message. She appeared in the clothing she was buried in and said to him “Thank you. You did everything right. The way I asked!” and then she was gone.

Your angels and loved ones will come visit you if you are opened to it. Allow your mind to believe so that you can receive the continued blessings your angels have to offer.

Photo courtesy of James Mott

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