Find Your Happy

While on a recent road trip to Toronto, Ontario for the Hay House Writer's Workshop, my husband and I were in a local coffee shop where we heard the worker's singing. Not only were they singing a Britney Spears song which capture my attention but they were giggling and having a grand ole' time. They apologized for their version of the song and continued to giggle while telling us the radio system had broken down.

I looked at my husband and said "They found their happy!" They decided to fill their day with song their way!

Making the best of the situation they chose a fun, uplifting positive way to make their day at work FUN! They could have chosen the other route and complained to no end that the radio was broken. This type of energy would have brought the vibration down not only within themselves but within the establishment as well. This very pleasant visit to the coffee shop may have been so different had they brought forth the negative energy which can be felt by all. Instead they brought the positive uplifting vibe!

Next time you feel your energy lower ask yourself "How can I find my happy?"

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