Soulful Angel Messages

Every Sunday as many of you already know I love to create a post on my FB page Never Alone by Michelle Irene that entices you to tap into your own intuition to receive a special message for the week ahead. Something your heart may be longing for, something your soul may be searching for or just a quick pick me up/reminder of who you are and how far you have come. Whatever the message, you chose a certain angel because you felt a connection to it and your angels guided you to your choice --if you trusted it.

Learning to trust your initial instinct is one of the many steps in learning how to better connect with source. aka spirit, angels, guides, God, universe, whom ever your higher power is. Even thou many others in the group may have chosen the same angel and received the same message as you--it is a simple reminder that you are never alone. Whatever your struggles, joys, endeavors may be there is always someone else out there going through a similar journey.

Sometimes you may not be able to decide between the choices and guess what? That's is perfectly ok because you will gain greater insight in your message that may be needed at this time. And if you did not pick an angel yet because this page has some how found you--that is your angels guiding you) then quickly chose 1,2 3 and you are ready to go!

For the week of Jun 6, 2018 Here is what my angels want you to know!

ANGEL CHOICE 1 -- Many of you may already know the power of the white light! How to create your own prayer of protection and some of you may be hearing it for the first time. Here is a free guided meditation that will help you along the this link Regardless of your knowledge at this point, it is something you should be doing everyday. Not just once in a while. It truly doesn't work if you are not committed to it. When you create your commitment in full you will gain a greater connection with source and be more guided and protected then ever before. Make that commitment right now! and watch the shift begin to take place within.

ANGEL CHOICE 2 --Have you ever felt a warm embrace from out of no where with no one else around? This is the embrace from your angel! It can happen at any moment whether you are happy or sad . Trust me when I say sometimes it will make you drop to your knees because you know who it is from.

By acknowledging your angels are near whether you feel them or not thank them every day for being in your life and they will appear to you more frequently. They are here to serve you, to guide you and to protect you. Simply awaken your senses by just asking. Believe in the possibility they are near and live in a state of gratitude for your connection to them. You will begin to see the signs they are near!



Many times in life you may feel you are alone. Every experience is similar to someone else that has ever lived in this world. It doesn't matter what has happened in the past. This is about making the choice to learn and grow so you may move forward stronger and better. Healing can be very difficult. We all carry a unique yet similar story but the key is to not continue to extend that story. To only be that story. Change the outcome and step out of it to create the reality you want. Your angels are always there by your side to assure you are never alone. Your power is courageous and exceptional for you are the light of the holy spirit.

Let me know what you think below or post back in the FB Group!

May you continue to grow and nurture your heart to the being you have always long to be. You are the light so let it shine bright!

Love, light and miracles,

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