Soulful Angel Messages

Every Sunday on my FB Page Never Alone by Michelle Irene I post three angels. I ask for you to trust the guidance of your angels and your intuition to post the angel that speaks to you most. Then confirm your decision by posting it. This is the message you most need to hear for your lesson in the upcoming week. Focusing on what your angels are revealing to you will assist in your spiritual growth and allow you to move through the jungle of life while skipping down your guided path. My intention is to allow you to see a ray of hope, to uplift you to a new awareness and allow spirit to shine through you! You are a light! Let it shine bright!

Love, light and many miracles,


Messages for the week of June 11, 2018

LEFT ANGEL MESSAGE...we all hold on to experiences throughout our lives that were difficult, traumatic, harmful, sad, negative, etc. Shaping us into leading a life sometimes based on fear. Fearful of allowing ourselves to feel love, feel happiness, feel self acceptance, etc. Allow yourself to reshape this harvested energy into a loving energy for yourself. Through forgiveness you can begin to heal. By letting go of these experiences that are holding you back from living at your highest potential you can begin to heal your heart to a new found freedom.

Blessings for a beautiful week!

RIGHT ANGEL CHOICE While very similar to the left angel message this is more based on the traffic that is running your life. Sometimes we have to stop at the stop sign, look both ways a few times before going forward. Take a few deep breaths to focus inward on what is truly happening at the moment to create a greater energy momentum in your day. Greater things will begin to happen. Blessings for a beautiful week ahead.

CENTER ANGEL MESSAGE When you begin to ask for guidance and truly believe in the abilities of the highest power, the bounties bestowed upon you will arrive in abundance. What is blocking you could be related to the left and right angel messages. It all goes hand in hand. Practice all three messages this week. Download these pictures and read them every morning before you begin your day. Let me know what happens. Sending you lots of love, light and miracles!

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