3 Action Steps towards Happiness

As we move forward into the summer months this is such a beautiful time to really reconnect with you! A time to begin to look inward to reflect, relax and renew your relationship with you. These three actions will give you jump start as you glide through the summer months ahead. As you practice these lessons all month long they will become a part of your being as you move into August with a whole new perspective on life.

1. Take time this month everyday to sit outside and breathe in the fresh air. Big deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth. Each time you do this imagine nothing but love and light as the air enters with each inhale circulating right to your center, your soul. With each exhale envision nothing but love and light leaving your body as you begin to create a circular cycle in and out. When you are working with these two sources, light and love, they can create miracles of great magnitude. With every loving thought a miracle has been performed. Try it with your eyes closed. Begin with a minute or two and add more time to each new day.

2. Take some time this month to sit in peace near water. Whether it be the ocean, a lake or even a hot bath. Water is conduit and allows for an increase in energy vibration for a better connection with spirit and self. It also is a beautiful way to cleanse the mind, body and soul as you head into a new month ready to receive all the universe has to gift you. Yes, I said gift you. It's not a typo. The universe gives you gifts everyday and it is up to you to open your heart and receive them with love and gratitude. Stay in a positive mindset.

3. Do you feel your mind is in a constant state of 'tug of war'? What is this tug's core reason of being in your mind? Is it a need to always be right? Is it a need to be heard? Are you working from a state of fear? When you feel the stress level rise in a situation stop and ask yourself am I coming from a place of love or a place of fear? Am I trying to create peace or war? If you always work from a place of love your life will evolve in bountiful ways.

Let me know how you feel throughout July. If you work on these three lessons I guarantee you, you will begin to see life in a whole new light! It is your turn to shine. Are you ready to rise?

Love, light & Miracles

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