Opening the Door

I recently posted on my Michelle Irene Facebook page the following picture with three doors. If it caught your eye and you chose one of the three there is a reason for this choice. There was a reason you saw the post and a reason you picked one. It's quite simple, you are ready for a spiritual awakening! You can pick one now because you were brought here for a reason. Feel free to read all three because you may broaden your horizons even more. Whether we realize it or not 'We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience' (Pierre Teilhard de ChardinRead)

When you hear the words you are ready for an awakening it basically means that through the years you have been asleep. As we grow and learn the ways of society we become more humanized and forget where we really came from. We are spiritual. We began our journey in spirit form and we will end our earthly journey in spirit form. It is when we begin to question the higher power or begin to look for answers to the reason for life that we become more attune to a greater force.

What am I hear for? There must be something more?

It means you are ready to awaken the beautiful power of your soul and all that it means. You begin to open the door to the possibilities of what lies behind it. Searching for answers and understanding. Each door is about a different stage of your journey. We are all at different stages no matter how much knowledge we have or lack. No one soul is better then another for having more knowledge. We are equal we just haven't discovered all our truth of our beings.

Door #1 the Top Choice: You are an old soul but a bit skeptical or fearful about looking inward and or outward. You are not quite ready to truly trust. The door is open just a little and you see the signs your angels are near. But are you ready to go further? What is holding you back from exploring this energetic part of life further? What are you seeking? These are important questions to ask yourself to allow the door to open just a bit further. The beauty of your spiritual journey is you can control how much you want to explore and let in. I suggest you begin with some free writing. Sit in a quiet place, light a candle or incense to set the mood. Play some meditation music or music that speaks to your soul. Close you eyes for just a few moments and ask your angels 'what would you have me know?' 'where or how should I move forward on this journey?' or any question you want to explore. Then just begin to write. What are you feeling in this moment? What are you sensing, wanting? Make this a part of your spiritual workout! And exercise your thoughts together with your soul to seek the answers. Let me know if you implement this practice into your day and how it goes for you.

Door #2 the Top Choice: You have many doors of spiritual knowledge already open. Maybe this is what is holding you back. Sometimes when we are seeking information we go off in a zillion directions. Making it more difficult to focus and hone in on what is truly important. My advice, get out of your spiritual way and stop pressing the issue. When we try too hard we actually create the energy to go in the opposite direction. We forge ahead and actual push spirit away from us instead of actually inviting it in. Allow spirit to work with you and through you. Easier said then done, I know. Everyday thank your angels for the chance to do it all over again only better. When you are struggling with a situation give it to your angels or higher power to handle. Know that you cannot control many aspects of your life and surrender this energy upward. Giving you the ability to look inward and discover something beautiful about yourself. I wrote about free writing up above and this is your homework as well. This will help you get on track and stay in a more clear path.

Door #3 the Top Choice: Ahhh AHHH Lol, I'm trying to write in song hopefully the message was received. Your door is wide open and the light is shining bright! This is a beautiful place to be. Living free and full of love allows you to continually let your light shine for the world to be. With each day that passes and each moment you come from a loving place you allow your spirit to shine brighter and brighter. Living in glory. Having gratitude for so much and truly feeling everything is a gift that will raise that vibration higher. Working from a state of love and compassion for every situation even the icky ones can be difficult. But where is your struggle that doesn't allow you to live in this way? It could be in forgiveness. Is there someone in your life you need to forgive including yourself. Forgiveness is so powerful. It doesn't mean you let someone off the hook for what they have done but it means you allow the heaviness of a situation to rise. It means you forgive yourself for being angry or allowing non loving thoughts to arise and come through. It means you understand that it wasn't the best way to handle things. It means you are beginning to recognize the greater need for self awareness and self control which will help you in future conflicts. With each day we learn more and be become better. what is it today that you can change your perspective on to see a situation from a different view. This is the power in healing yourself and letting your light grow. When we begin to forgive the divides between can begin to dissipate. Here is a free guided mediation to assist in releasing some of this forgiving energy and transform it to love.

Want to learn more and grow?

Join me this Oct and the first annual Rise to Shine Event (click here)

This event will get you started on your journey to a revised version of you. When you follow the process and become willing to let go, you set yourself on the path to clear all blocks, spread more love and live a miraculous life!

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