Do this simple task to create a change!

Do you ever wonder why such things as inspirational messages, horoscopes, church sermons and motivational speakers messages seem to relate to so many at one time? You could be watching something on Facebook or YouTube and think to yourself "that's exactly what I need to hear!" We are all connected. YES, we are one! I'm sure you have heard the terminology we are one and when we feel connected to others we are in alignment with the beauty of the universal energy. When we separate from this energy and try to take control of the reins well this is when we begin to feel off balance and worse.

When we disconnect ourselves from the universal energy ​​of love we allow the darkness to enter. The darkness is a heavy dense energy. It creates sadness, self-doubt, unworthiness. We feel alone in some cases. We feel unsupported and this energy can create the ugly. The mean and the shameful things you see all around. The mean-spirited people you pass by in the grocery store.

It is so easy for us to get suckered right into the negative separation that takes place especially with social media. You see a negative energy posting and just feel the need to check in and let the world know that shit is just wrong! You plug in a few derogatory comments to let everyone know how smart you are and how right you are. You feel better now, right? You may for the moment but honestly you are setting your universal energy intentions out into the world just by engaging, re-posting, and then chatting about it later. This intention comes back to and creates more imbalance. Thank God for the delete button! Why waste your time? Why waste your energy? It takes a lot more work to get back to that state of bliss filled with love and light. Energy I wouldn't want to burn.

It may be difficult not to engage but the first few times you pass it by I guarantee you, you will feel amazing! Eventually, you will scroll right through those messages and not read them. Some of you may delete the pages you are following that are posting these unloving posts. A cleansing way past due. It's sort of like our own personal delete button. We can reset and begin again at any moment of the day. By performing this one simple task in your day with social media or in other areas you will begin to see a shift take place because you are transforming that bad energy into that of love and compassion for yourself.


Reshaping your energy to that of love is easier then you may think. By omitting some of the chatter you can reshape your energy to a more loving state. Living in a state of love is about being kind, generous, compassionate, understanding and so on. Begin your positive journey by sharing uplifting, enlightening posts with others. Be mindful of all the wording because one positive sentence can be washed out with a negative in the same paragraph. If it is something you are needing at this time, I guarantee so are your friends and family. Why not grow together right? You will begin to see an amazing shift take place in your life just by posting on social media. You will begin to think in more positive terms and act in a more loving way, Sharing your light with others is a universal way of allowing for more goodness to enter your world.

Your world is what you create! If you want love then give love to yourself and to others. Be the inspiration that someone else may be needing. Be positive, be the light and you will shine for all to see.

Love, light and many miracles,

This weeks angel messages: Do all three relate to you in one way or another? What happens when you combine all three as one big message?

If you read all three of these cards just by themselves the message is so profound. There really isn't any extra explanation needed. Incorporate these 3 practices into your life. Write them in your journal and reread everyday for the next 40 days. Believe in the power they hold, bring it close to your heart and embrace the miracles that will transpire in your life.

These were the 3 Michelle Irene Inspirational Cards chosen for this weeks Angel Messages. Here is the more in depth interpretations.

!. Many times throughout the day you may be tested by the higher power. Simply pause for a moment when this time arises, take in a deep breath as you envision it as positive, loving energy. Allow yourself to see the other point of view from a loving, understanding perspective that may be different than yours.

2. Angel Messages for the week ahead: Are you willing or wishing? There is a difference. A wish maybe something your heart makes but is it open to the possibility that it can truly happen. Is there a higher power working in your favor? The willingness to wish for receiving gifts from your angels is all you need for it to happen. Be willing to see the signs left in your path and do not second guess them

3.When you radiate joy you shine your light! When you shine your light you attract more of what it is you want. What is it that you want? Do you even know? Send those messages out into the universe to begin setting the wheels in motion. Be true to yourself. Be authentic as the higher power will manifest for your highest good.

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