Faith in Connecting

Faith is complete trust. Believing something without necessarily being able to see it. You have to have faith in your angels that they will come around when the time is right. Your angels are always near and will step in if needed. Why not invite them to work with you every day? Asking them for guidance, strength, courage, or whatever it is you are needing is your right. Trusting in them to carry you through.

You may be mad at God for taking your loved one. You may be unhappy in your current situation which may bring about you questioning your faith. Believe it or not, this is very normal. Rest assured, you are not alone. But understanding and have faith that your higher power, whatever you may call it, will never abandon you. There is a higher power working in your favor. Sometimes you may have to surrender to this power and let it take the wheel for the greatest solution and assistance. Resisting and being in control does not necessarily get you to your destination of acceptance faster. Take a back seat and let someone give you a helping hand. Accept with faith. Believe that in God (my higher power) all things are possible. For when you believe, you begin to see.


I've been praying and thinking a lot lately. I finally acknowledged a certain part of my life and no matter how things turn out, I'm okay with it. But since I allowed myself to stop fighting how I feel, my heart felt lighter.

The "remember my faith" isn't about the doctrine, it's simpler than that. It's just that - to have faith. God has a plan and as long as I remember to trust in God, I'll find my way thru this.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I can actually say, for the first time in a long time, I am genuinely starting the day off happy. Not having to convince myself that I should be ~Claudia


When Claudia first began attending my classes and seminars she could barely get the word happy out of her mouth. She was in a difficult place in her life and was trying to keep her car on the road so to speak. When she finally decided to make the changes necessary to survive: acceptance~trust~faith BAM! The shift began to take place...


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There are moments in your life when an idea, a thought, words, people and even objects appear. When the timing is just right. Moments that sometimes are unexplained and you know this was something special. You can feel the warmth, the love from above, and you realize this is the love of your angels.

Connecting with your angels is so much more than you think. Your angels love is always present. In the sky, in the trees, in the air and in your heart. They guide us to discover more about ourselves. They show you how to be the best version of YOU! By understanding their presence in your life you can begin to let go of the weight of the world so your soul can fly freely. When you begin to see the connection with your Angel's your ability to love, laugh and enjoy life multiplies!

Inside 'Angels Love', you will find a collaboration of angelic happenings. All true stories loaded with inspiration, guidance and love. Learn what this all means to you and how you can begin to shift your life to discover the love of your angels.

Expected Arrival Oct 2018 Pre-Order Today at an introductory Price!


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