4 Steps to Begin Connecting with your loved ones in Heaven

This is the most common question I get asked: How do you start?

*Just simply begin by talking to them. I know many that talk to their loved ones immediately after their death. As a matter of fact, I recall my mom telling me she was yelling at my father for leaving her the first few days after he had passed. I yelled to the universe on my way home from the hospital the morning he passed. I knew it was healthy for both of us. It was part of our grieving process. Go ahead and talk to them, yell at them, tell them how you feel! It’s all good and it can be part of your healing process.

*Ask them questions -- ask them for signs. Not in a desperate way but in a truthful heartfelt way. Understanding your part in the process will allow your loved ones and angels to come forward with ease. You are strong and you can handle it. Pave the way for them to come through. They will arrive when you are ready to receive them!

*Believe! Yes, believe it or not, your angels and loved ones are waiting on you, not the other way around. They are living the high life in more ways than one as they relearn how to live in the heavenly plains. Believe in the possibility!

*Receive. When you ask and truly believe you will begin to receive.

From: Angels Love by Michelle Irene

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