Three steps to creating a better outcome

Do you ever wonder why great things happen to certain people and the not so great things continue to happen to others? Take these three steps to begin to create something amazing in your life. The blessings will begin to flow and you will begin to grow.

1. Your thoughts become real. How? Well we are all energy and everything we say, think or do is energy. We create things through the energy of our thoughts. If we are thinking, nobody likes me, I don't fit in, I feel alone, etc. You are creating that energy. So now the universal law of attraction steps into play. Like attracts like. You are attracting the things you are thinking. Too much like science class? Yea for me too. See keep it simple, live in love, understanding and compassion with positive thoughts for yourself and others and that is what you will begin to attract into your life.

2. If you think good thoughts for your future you are putting your energy out into the universe to begin manifesting! Keep working towards those goals in a positive way. You cant just sit back and relax. Believe in the power of the divine for your dreams to come to fruition! Be authentic and you'll attract amazing

3. Steps one and two will not work unless you open your heart to the process. Opening your heart is about letting go of control especially things you have no control over. The more you push the harder life becomes. The more you surrender and open your heart the easier life becomes and the happier you will be.

The cards chosen this weeks message are from the Michelle Irene Inspiration Deck. Hand picked from Soulful Sunday Weekly Angel Messages from the Michelle Irene Facebook Page. Follow me there for messages and inspiration all week long.

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