#LLM What does it mean?

If you have noticed in the recent months I always like to sign my letters, blogs, emails, and social posts with a hashtag capital L L M! What does this mean? It is a shortened version for ‘Love~Light and Miracles’. Living your life with these three words in your day can radically shift the energy into something of an amazing magnitude!

One way to remind yourself of this statement is to envision an infinite sign. When you see the symbol each inner circle represents the infinite flow of love and the other represents the abundance of light. Allowing a never ending connection with self and the universal energy. This allows us to align our thoughts in a positive loving way. When our thoughts are aligned with love our minds are peaceful.

Here is why this works:

  • When you work from a place of love filled with light, there is no room for darkness. Light outweighs it.

  • And when you work from a place of love filled with light you create your very own miracles.

  • When you think and live with the conviction of pure light and love --there is no room for anything else!

  • When you begin -- just begin to think about living your life this way your inner guide begins to awaken…


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