5 Quick Tips for Staying in Alignment

Wouldn't it be nice to keep the 'happy' in the Happy Holiday's? With the holiday's sneaking up on us, many of us may be feeling a bit anxious. For many reasons, a lot to do, gathering with family, being alone for the first time, being together for the first, new babies, new family members and definitely not enough time in the day to really do it all. Being in a spiritual practice has many benefits to your happiness than you may realize. It is important to continue with your practice whatever it may be. It is called a practice for a reason. Staying in a routine allows for you to stay focused and aligned. When you are doing this, you feel great! Things seem to go your way more often then not. Things that may typically bother you begin to role off your shoulders more often than not. See the pattern?

When you have stayed committed to your practice you can easily begin to feel your self slipping into a familiar zone of negativity, tiredness, being unproductive, etc.. This will happen. This is life. Especially during the holiday season. When you are staying in alignment and true to yourself, you will be able to get yourself back to this beautiful peaceful place faster! Just remind yourself to step back into this alignment with these five quick tips.

Here are a few other quick tips to help you step back into your power:

1. Breathe in 3 counts, hold 3 counts, exhale 3 counts. Focus on your breath and repeat 3 times.

2. Pick a card from one of your favorite inspiration decks. Ask spirit what it is you most need to focus on today as you shuffle your cards and allow the message to flow through you.

3. Do some grounding work. You don't have to go outside to ground. If it's to cold and snowy to go outside, work with some of your indoor plants or even essential oils as you breathe in their aroma and connect with earth.

4. Listen to a favorite guided meditation (I have some good ones click here) and relax.

5. Put on your favorite tunes while you dance and sing like no body is watching!

Stay positive and enjoy every moment that comes your way. Be present, be peace and be love and you will be happy.

Happy Holiday's!

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All coaching sessions are done either through phone or video call and follow up emails. What ever you are most comfortable with.

Private sessions are nice for many reasons. They one, give you privacy and confidentiality is always included. It allows you to open up your most inner thoughts without being judged and I always work from a place of love and compassion. Every story to me is important, this is my calling!

But just to let you know, I only take on so many new clients every few months, because while I love teaching and coaching, it is a lot of prep work and time. Even if you're not sure click below to hear more.

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