Soulful Sunday Angel Message Reveal 11/19/18

Every Sunday join me on Facebook to choose your angel from a post for a special message to fill your soul with goodness and love.

Here are the 3 cards picked for you this week!

Card Choice #1 How fitting with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching that this is the first card that came forward. Here is the beauty in the power of gratitude, when you truly feel the blessings of all that is in your life, and I mean EVERYTHING! Even the tough times, ​​you raise your energy vibration. When we are living in a heighten level of being we are more aware of our surroundings and see life from a whole other perspective. A heightened perspective. This doesn't make us better than anyone else but it does allow us to appreciate more. When we appreciate more we begin creating this beautiful energy vortex that allows us to create more happiness, more of what we want. We allow the energy flow of the universe to guide us and work with us. Even thought it is almost Thanksgiving, don't wait until Thursday to say what you are grateful for. Start today and everyday as you move forward. Your life will begin to shift in amazing ways. I guarantee it!

Card Choice #2 Sometimes when we go through life we try to make things happen. Often this is when our biggest struggles come into our lives. We push and push and feel like we are hitting a brick wall. Well, that's because you are. When we surrender to the power of our angels and allow for them to work through us we can evenly skate through our day on a regular basis. Travel the road of least resistance and you will find yourself in a happier place more often than not.

Card Choice #3 Do you hear what I hear? Did you sing the song? Haha just keeping you on your toes. But seriously do you listen when you hear your intuition telling you something? Can you tell the difference between guidance and ego? (Ego is our thinking self that questions, and is the logical thinker. Always trying to figure out the mechanics of the in's and out's , why's an how's) When you begin questioning why you had that feeling or thought means your ego has stepped in and the message is lost in translation. Trust is the biggest obstacle standing in your way of hearing your inner guide.

If you chose more then one card choice this week, read your first choice first because that was your intuition telling you which card to choose and will be the more important message for yourself this week. Add to it the second and third choices for something powerful and possibly life changing!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks messages. Leave a note below if you feel compelled, I love hearing from you. If you like the cards, I used my own crafted deck

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