Journal along with your Soulful Messages

Sounds like a song right? Well, it very well could be music to your ears. This week is shining bright with messages full of love and light. The energy frequency is buzzing with the holidays already in flight. I'll do my best to get you moving in the right direction overnight.

It's really important to take some time for yourself and journal your thoughts. Writing them down helps in so many ways. It allows you to see what it is your thinking. Almost like a different perspective. It allows you to see your struggles and more importantly see your strengths. Allowing you for a better understanding of where you have been and where you are going.

You may begin to see patterns taking place that can show you what works and doesn't work. But one of the biggest benefits of journaling is you may begin to write with the assistance of your Angel's. You may begin to use words that aren't necessarily yours, sentences may be constructed differently and unusual wisdom may show its self. When this happens it is a sure sign your Angel's or spirit are channeling through you with some sweet information. Make sure you ask them for protection with the white light before you begin writing and thank them when you are done.

This week I want you to focus on your message choice below or all three Soulful Weekly Angel Messages and write how it makes you feel. How does it pertain to you and your life past, present and or future. See if you can begin to get more from your message then just my words. Let me know how it goes.

LEFT ANGEL MESSAGE REVEAL: When you need a good dose of happy, where do you go? What makes you happy? Or better yet what doesn't make you happy? Eliminating what no longer serves you or your highest good is a great place to begin to find your happy. Participating in your own life doing things that drain you of your energy, creating stress and heavy energy are only holding you back from being 100% the true you. Write down 10 things in your life that truly make you happy. Now write 10 things that do not make you happy. See where you may be able to make some changes to begin being truly happy. It begins and ends with you. Let me know if you receive any ah ha moments while doing this exercise.

RIGHT ANGEL MESSAGE: with the new year right around the corner you may already be thinking about new years resolutions. Why wait? Why prolong what may need fixing, updating, and refurbishing now. I'm talking about you silly, not the furniture or things around the house. When you feel sad, blue, stressed etc...this is spirit telling you something needs to change. You are out of alignment and you feel it. This is a great opportunity to pull out your journal and do some soul searching. Begin with 5 things that need changing (the babies diaper doesn't count). Then label them in order of importance. Now focus your energy on creating a plan of how you can best begin to make a change in the right direction that will be of your highest good. Let me know how it goes and if you received any ah ha moments.

CENTER ANGEL MESSAGES: tis the season......unlike rapper Eminem stating you only get one shot , opportunity comes once in a lifetime, I believe you get thousands of opportunities to learn, grow and make it better. Thank goodness right? If we didn't try we wouldn't fail and we definitely wouldn't succeed. When we dream, work hard and manifest greatness, it takes energy and time. Not necessarily your time but divine time. When the moment is right. When you are aligned with your higher self and living with true blue gratitude and love in your heart. Leave judgement, self pity and self sabotage at the door. It ain't welcomed here!!! Begin your journal practice by righting down 5 things you want to change and why. Let the words flow through your pen and rise!! Let me know how it goes!

I hope you all enjoyed the new twist of beginning to use these messages as part of your journaling practice. These messages are very powerful and can help you find something you may be searching for. It may take some time to get used to.Trust that this tool has your back and you are reading this for a reason. Divine timing to begin writing for self awareness and discovery.

Blessings sent your way for an amazing new beginning on your journey to discover your angels love and a special love for self deep within YOU.

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