Miracle Mindset

Every Sunday I love to post a picture with three Angel's on Facebook, than ask you to choose your favorite. Trusting that the choice you make is the guidance most needed for you that week.

Your Angel's, spirit, the universe or God which ever higher power it is that you believe in has many ways of bringing messages to you. This is one of those ways. The message usually resonates with you now or later on during the week.

We need consistent reminders to guide us to remain in alignment for our highest good. Sometimes it may not be what we want to hear but it always will be a message for greater understandings.

Did you pick an angel from my Facebook page Michelle Irene? If not that's OK. Make a choice now without seeing the angels and trust your intuition. Right, left or center. Don't think about. What was your first thought? Write it down.

Did you do the journal work last week at went along with the messages? ? Let's do it again. I'd you're not sure what I mean click on last weeks Blog 'Journal along with your Soulful Messages' LOG to check it out!

Take this message, write it in the journal and than just keep writing your thoughts. If you feel any negative thought patterns begin to take place, replace them with a thought of love.

Left Soulful Angel Message: Open your heart. How many times have you heard that? That's because we have a tendency to close ourselves off when something happens to us that we do not like. We shut the door not allowing the guidance we need to flow in at a time that we may need it most to come through. Repeat to yourself " I believe in the higher power, it is here to offer me guidance and love. I am willing to allow this universal energy to work through me and with me." Write it down and repeat it everyday. Believe it with all your heart and allow the love to flow in. Allowing the loving energy of your angels in assist you in leading your life with a loving mindset. That is a shift in perception. That is the miracle.

Right Soulful Angel Message: This message is very similar to the left. Read above then come back to finish this.

If you allow the guidance of your Angel's into your life, you begin to raise your vibration which in turn allows you to feel the love and beautiful energy of others surrounding you. Have you ever truly felt the energy of someone you love? It is an amazing experience. It is miraculous beyond words. Open your heart and feel the embrace of your Angel's love. Allowing the loving energy of your angels in assist you in leading your life with a loving mindset. That is a shift in perception. That is the miracle.

Center Soulful Angel Message: We all ask for assistance when things are going wrong and we are struggling. Have you ever thought to ask for guidance even when things are going well? Think about it. Adding more goodness to good. How amazingly miraculous would that make a situation? Raising your vibration even more! Ahhhh bliss. Don't forget to thank your Angel's for their presence in your life. rite 10 things you are grateful for today! Do this everyday even if you write just one and you will begin to create a Miracle Mindset.

Do you believe in Miracles?

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