Christmas Miracles

December has been declared the month of miracles for centuries. This December started off like so many from the past twelve years. At 9:08 am, I remember my dad and the moment I saw him take his last breath. I celebrate his life and the miracle that occurred just moments prior to his passing. As I parked my car to make my daily visit to the hospital it was just shy of nine am. I felt this need to rush. I listened and really began to run a mad dash to the door and up two flights of stairs. I felt I didn't have time to wait for the elevator and I was right.

My mother was sitting next to my father's bed, holding his hand which they had always done. It has been one of my favorite memories of the two of them. Even as I child I recall them holding hands as they walked or were just sitting next to each other. It warms my heart in this moment to just think about it.

I ran to his bedside hardly out of breath even after all the running to get there. I said 'good morning Daddy' as he turned his head to look at me and I could feel his smile and love even though no words were spoken. He turned to look out my mom, his wife of forty eight years and took his last breath.

If it weren't for the force of God moving me along, I would have missed it and not been able to be there for this miraculous moment. The moment of transition home with Dad's Lord and Savior.

Heaven is right above us:

almost as if we could touch it, like a different frequency similar to that of the radio and satellites. Before we are born, we are energy. While here on this earth, we are energy. And when we pass on to the after-life, we are still energy. Our bodies here on earth are just a shell for us to live our life and to meet our worldly goals. When we pass, our soul, which is made of energy, travels through the frequency with all other energies.

It was Christmas Eve 2017 and for the first time in years. Todd my husband) and I had decided to give the Church another try. We wanted to feel closer to God and feel the glory of his love. We decide to go to midnight mass since our children were all grown and it would be just the two of us.

We parked the car on the street across from the church. As we were getting out of the car I said to Todd “Midnight Mass was always my Mother’s favorite. Especially when mass was finished and they would come outside and the snow would begin to fall from the sky.”

Mass was OK. It didn’t uplift us in the way we had hoped. The church was pretty empty. It used to be standing room only, especially for the Holidays. Many of the Christmas hymns were not sung by the choir and the magic of Christmas Eve had somehow been lost.

As we begin to exit the church and the doors opened wide I looked up at the sky, the snow began to fall. I smiled at Todd and smiled to the heaven’s as I thanked my mother and her angels for the beautiful Christmas reminder of miracles.

That same night after mass my husband and I went home and to call it a day and turned in for the night to rest for Christmas day. It was during the night that another amazing Christmas Miracle took place.

I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard some noise. It sounded like someone talking. I focused in on what I was hearing but couldn’t quite make out what it was. It begins to get louder and louder until I realize someone is singing! It continues to get louder and I can make out the words to the hymn “Ave Maria”! One of my Dad’s favorites.

I woke up my husband and said: “The CD player downstairs is playing.” We both got up to investigate. Sure enough, the CD player was playing and it was Josh Groban's version of ‘Ave Maria.’! How did the radio randomly turn on? I have shared similar stories in my other books of this type of occurrence so it’s not the first and it didn’t scare me. I knew how it turned on.

We returned upstairs to slide under the covers and finish our nights' rest. I lay my head on the pillow and I begin to hear singing again. This time it is not coming from the CD player downstairs. Very faint but I can hear it. I can not understand what is being sung, I have never heard this tune before but I have heard this choir sing. It was a choir of angels singing around us as we rest for this beautiful Christmas miracle performance from our angels.

I have heard the angels sing before and let me tell you, it is like nothing you have ever heard. I knew it was the angels the first time and I knew it was them again. I have heard church music clear as day in the past when no church is in sight. The good ole’ fashioned organ music. During my ghost hunting days, we would pick up the sounds of an organ playing on our recordings. It happened multiple times. Not able to debunk it or imitate it. I knew what it was the second I reviewed the tapes. Not audible to the naked ear but able to be picked up through digital recording because of the frequency with which it traveled. I have opened my heart to my abilities. With the work I have done in the past few years along with the insight and wisdom I have acquired, I have been able to raise my energy vibration to new heights. Giving me the opportunity to hear the singing and music with the naked ear.

Super Powers

Imaginary or real if they help you feel better, live better, and love more than isn’t that a part of God doing his job? The energy of the world with more like-minded people is what is allowing us to dive deeper into our own spirituality than ever before. It’s not as fearful as it once was. We are more curious than ever. It is a beautiful thing for the universe! There are invisible forces out there assisting us. Enjoy the journey. There is no better time than the present to discover your very own superpowers. Super Powers that were given to us by God. These SP’s are our senses. We are all born with these amazing powers and when you put all of these abilities together they create one incredible soul power.

I hope you can see the beauty and glory in the Christmas Miracles that surround you not only today but everyday of every year.

Much love and blessings sent your way for a beautiful holiday.

Love, Light and Blessings,

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