10 Ways to Build Your Faith

Faith is a growing awareness.

"The full realization of our spiritual growth ultimately rests upon the development of our faith." Edgar Cayce

You can not be taught how to have faith it is something you are simply aware of. It is something that you grow and nourish within yourself. This knowing goes way beyond trust and surpasses even your belief.

To build your faith, to better experience and understand the unforeseen, a spiritual based practiced is key. A full experience of faith without a consistent practice is nearly impossible. But with faith, through faith, all things are possible.

When we are in complete alignment with our soul being and willing to surrender to the idea of the higher power working with us and in our favor, then faith can literally do almost anything.

“Faith is the direct awareness that brings to our consciousness the truth about our relationship with the divine.” Edgar Cayce

Where are you lacking faith the most? Self, others, God, Universe?

The mere thought of lack in any one of those areas means your awareness of truly being connected with this energy, your being connected as one is out of alignment. Beliefs can change but faith is to be lived. Living with the right thoughts, love based thoughts and love based actions with faith allow for this power to come to fruition of strength.

Think of the higher power as a parent. They are your teacher. Helping you along the way. When you were a baby you were completely dependent upon them. As you grew, you became stronger and less dependent and somewhere along the line, you felt you no longer needed them. Then the moment comes when realize you still need them. And you begin to reconnect. This connection is the base of your faith. The understanding you still need them. Your desire to have a spiritual connection. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't want to know more.

You can begin your very own spiritual practice. In a way that suites you best. However you our comfortable. With your spiritual based practice, your connection with self and spirit will provide a better understanding with guidance.

Building your spiritual practice is the key to your Connection.

How do you build that connection? With a daily spiritual practice and faith.

If you are feeling a lack somewhere along the line…..check into your faith. And rate it on a scale of 1-10. One feeling the least amount of lack and ten being the most. You have just planted the seed to grow. Focus on your awareness of the moments you feel a lack, stress, anger, frustration. Then let go of your need to control. Surrender to the higher power and ASK for assistance. In this moment alone your faith has begun to evolve.

What do you think it was that got you through your latest falter? Your latest triumph?

The one thing that will get you through just about any situation in life, no matter how tough it may seem or feel, is Faith.

Faith led you back from the falter and faith is what led you to the victory.

Faith is complete trust. Believing something without necessarily being able to see it.

Every day we are a reflection of our Faith. Think about that for a moment.

Here are Ten ways to Practice your Faith

Pick one (it's ok to do them all, in fact it will work in your favor) or choose one of your own and make that the focus of your day. Each day for 15 days. This alone will allow that invisible connection to the higher power to grow stronger. You have to be committed that's why it is called a spiritual practice. Your faith can be nourished and has the ability to grow as big as you allow it to. The more in faith you become the greater your quality of living will be.

1. Surrender Control -- allow yourself to be guided

2. Keep Yourself/ego in check -- don't allow the self chit-chat to guide you in the wrong direction or to think you know better, or to think you are better, etc....it's all part of surrendering and letting go.

3. Daily Meditation and Affirmations -- create a faith mantra that you can read to yourself everyday. My new Angel's Love the Journal is perfect for this!

4. Attending classes and workshops -- I know a place!

5. Working from a place of loved based thoughts and actions.

6. Leaving your fear based thoughts behind. (the stories of the why's we tell ourselves, the excuses we give, bitterness, anger, etc..)

7. Practice Forgiveness - For yourself and for others. This doesn't mean you have to confess your sins to all around you. Be loving, kind and remember to practice number five.

8. Pick a card from your favorite Angel/Inspiration Card Deck - simply pick a card a day to keep the words of wisdom near creating an immediate connection with spirit.

9. Gratitude - raises your vibration to a higher level of love, compassion and understanding.

10. Be a role model -- be a pillar of light - We are the light of our souls. We are meant to shine for others so that they may grow their faith within.

Learning to overcome and realizing ‘this too shall pass’ will only make you and your faith grow stronger.

Sending you all love, light and many miracles!


Facing fears, cultivating gratitude, practicing forgiveness , and creating miracles? OH MY! 40 days seems like a lot but the time will fly by and you will feel different! I swear. You will wonder why you never did this before.

You'll be saying I wish I knew this when....but now you'll know it moving forward.

Shining your light so bright you'll need sunglasses!

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