What Makes you Blush?

It was about a month ago when I was making a major transition in my life. I had decided to give up the retail store front that I had nourished for five years. I felt it was time to focus more on this work that I am doing right here on this website, through social media, my writing, my courses and workshops. It is my calling. It was planted deep within my soul many moons ago without even knowing.

We all have been given a seed or many seeds for that matter to nourish. To allow us to grow to a new level of living. To live in a light that shines bright for all to see. I always had this feeling that I could change the world. Big shoes to fill I know. I am one to always dream big. 'Go big or go home' they say. Home is heaven. That is where we originated from. And I will continue to dream big and do what I can to change this world one person at a time, one day at a time, one minute at a time. Until it is my time to return home.

During this transition I was presented with this beautiful picture of a light pink rose. I felt so at peace. Soon after this slight obsession with this color and the rose continued to grow. Not sure what it was all about I trusted the guidance that was being presented to me. I allowed this one single item to guide me to a new perspective of freshness.

I created new meme's (the post you see on Facebook with a picture and words). I began to love the feel and look that was being presented and my followers seem to be more in tune with the idea as well. Before I knew it I realized what was happening even though it was not part on MY plan. It was part of a greater plan.

Spirit was guiding me to a re-branding of myself. A softer side. A genuine, compassionate more understanding side. Exactly what I bring to the table with my offerings. I loved the feel, the cohesiveness and before I knew it, it turned into a new product line that I am sure I will build upon for years.

Why am I sharing this with you? To show you that the guidance you are looking for is right in front of you . It all begins with a thought, a picture, words, people. The signs are being presented. Follow and trust to be lead to a new heightened perspective on life.

Here was my post from Feb. 1st of Facebook

Today I begin a new journey.

I spent the last five years growing and nurturing a retail business.

Yesterday, I closed the door only to open one that has led me to a much greater purpose.

No regrets, no sorrow only gratitude for what both have given me.

Without one, I wouldn't have the other. They were meant to happen the way they did.

I trusted the signs that were placed in my path to allow me to see beyond what was right in front of me.

To create a vision of something in a million years I never thought would be possible but here I am.

Ready to assist you fully to see the beauty in a higher power. A power greater than you that will guide you to hopes and dreams beyond your wildest imagination.

Where do you begin? By simply being open and willing to receive guidance you may have not even known you were looking for.

What you think you want may not be the answer.

There was a seed planted many years ago deep within your soul. It has been nurtured along your journey without you even realizing.

Are you ready to unveil this greater purpose and understanding?

I am here for you. To show you, to guide you to a version of you that you never knew existed.

Are you ready receive?

You see I was guided to this beautiful blush rose only to discover the spiritual meaning behind it. A light pink rose is a sign of hope, caring, compassion and understanding. All of which I infuse into my products and writing.

The color pink is insightful and intuitive giving peace, kindness, and tenderness. The pink color has a calming affect on our emotional energies which can relieve feelings of anger, stress, and anxiety while representing our inner child.

As this fragrant flower blooms, the buds gradually open to reveal blossoms with lovely layers similar to how spiritual wisdom unfolds on your own personal journey.

Roses represent miracles as well as a strong connection with angels. The basis for all of my work.

My intention for you is to find the peace and insight you are in search of filled with many Miracles, and so much love & light you blush with joy . ~ Michelle

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