7 Days to Discovering and Stepping into your Purpose

Then the impostor syndrome speaks "who are you to think this can work? Who are you to think you can make a difference? What makes you so special?"Has this happened to you? I am sure there is a time in your life that this has happened if you're being totally honest. For most of us, this happens several times a day.

There is a way to begin resetting the way you think. This step alone can change your life dramatically. It can bring you on a ride of enjoyment, fun, laughter, and love. Even if you think you are not sure what your purpose is but you know there is something more. That is the beginning of discovery. The question.

Below are seven ways to begin to discover and step into your purpose. Begin with one of these practices and implement a new one everyday for seven days. Each day a new step added to build upon the step before for seven days and see where this leads you.

Day 1 -- Stop playing small. Are you hiding behind your fearful thoughts? That little voice inside your head that says ' nah you can't do this?' Let's smash out that voice and begin to believe you can do this! You are capable of anything! Anytime you hear those thoughts creep in simply remind yourself, 'I will not play small.'

Day 2 -- Stop being so hard on yourself. We are our own worst critics. There is nobody in this world harder on yourself then you. Let's begin to knock out the negative back lash we give ourselves and learn to be more loving. It simply begins with our thoughts.

Day 3 -- Stop trying to push forward. You have a million amazing ideas and are running in a zillion different directions or not running at all. The harder you push the harder you fall. One step at a time. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were you or your dreams. Each new day take one step in the right direction and be patient. Going big doesn't have to mean stress and exhaustion.

Day 4 -- You are being guided by a higher power. Seeds have been planted for you to nourish and grow. We learn in the process and we blossom into beautiful light beings to share with the world. We learn from others as well as ourselves. When you believe you are being guided you no longer play small, you stop being so hard on yourself, and you stop pushing forward. You allow the guidance to lead the way.

Day 5 -- While adding to the steps above you see they begin to go hand in hand. Follow spirits lead. Spirit will leave you breadcrumbs in your path to pick up and follow. I always tell my clients to pick up your breadcrumbs and create a loaf of bread. I call this 'life's bread'. Eventually you will begin leaving breadcrumbs of inspiration and light for others to discover. This is how we allow our light to shine. The breadcrumbs have been leading you your entire life. They are what brought you here. In this moment.

Day 6 -- Be true to you. There is no competition out there except in sports. It's designed that way to push you to your limits to see how far you go. Your spirituality is about finding your love and sharing it with others. That is your purpose. Not about being like another. There is no one else out there like you. No one does you better than you. Life is not a competition but an experience to enjoy.

Day 7 -- Have fun! Because life is here to learn and enjoy. You have to find ways to have fun. If you are not enjoying yourself then switch gears and find a way to create fun.

'You are beautiful --- You are bountiful -- you are bliss. I am I am.' One of my favorite meditation songs.

You have the power to make your life anything you wish. Wishes do come true when you have the willingness to change and the desire to transpire to your true beauty that is already within you.

XOXO ~Michelle

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