10 Signs an Angel is Near

How do you know when an angel has blessed you with their presence? Great question! That’s where the terminology spirit impression comes in. What exactly is a spirit impression? The dictionary from google docs says that an impression is an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed ‘without conscious thought’ or on the basis of little evidence.

When you place spirit in front of the word impression the meaning becomes related to as such. We use these impressions to identify the shift of energy in your surrounding vicinity. Letting you know an angel is near. The following are some examples of what a spirit visit impression could be but is not limited too.

  1. a persistent feeling

  2. consistent interruption of your train of thought

  3. a thought or song that pops into your mind with no explanation out of the blue

  4. your see a sudden image or symbol that has a shared meaning with a loved one or experience

  5. a sudden memory of a passed loved one

  6. a temperature change either warm or cold

  7. goosies, goosebumps, tingling or angel bumps

  8. a shift in the air (it may feel thicker)

  9. heaviness on your chest or head

  10. angel lights like little twinkle stars in the night

Of course, these are just a few of the environmental or physical sensations you may experience but they are a sure sign that spirit is near. Do you ever feel like you are staring out into space? Many call it zoning out. The tingling and chills? I’m sure you know what they’re talking about? Right? Goosebumps, goosies, the chills, angel bumps?

Each experience is unique. Which is important to understand because each one of you is uniquely different. No two experiences are exactly the same which is one of the reasons that makes it so difficult to detect and teach. If you feel yourself falling into this experience, this is your subconscious trying to tune into the frequency of spirit. You may be about to receive a message! Pay attention and listen.

It is important to note that the way spirit signals you when they are arriving can and probably will change. You may feel stronger in one aspect of detection but don’t be hesitate to strengthen any other abilities.

Here's a little test

Here is a test I give my students.

If I asked you to imagine a lemon how do you perceive it? Remember your response. Write it down and I will explain more next weeks post....Test Your Abilities to Connect with your Angels

XOXO ~Michelle

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