Signs your angels are near come in all shapes and sizes

From Angel's Love by Michelle Irene

One morning in Florida (yes I travel to Florida often. This is where I have many of my most memorable connection experiences. This is because I am away from the chaos of daily life and have the opportunity to sit in stillness and peace.) I was doing a guided meditation from a course I was taking (Surprise! Lol I am constantly embracing new ideas and concepts to further my learning and teachings). In this meditation, we were working on connecting with spirit. The class teacher said “three spirits are coming towards you” during the recording. And the meditation continued.

It is not what happened during the meditation (although it was a really good one!) It is what happened later that morning as I continued on my day. This is a great teaching moment because many think the experience is during the meditation and that is it. It may happen then, it may happen later and it may happen in both incidents.

My husband and I went for our daily walk which happens to go over the causeway of the Banana River. I had brought my camera with me on this walk in hopes that we would see something spectacular! Because before we left for our exercise, I had asked spirit to bring me some dolphins along this walk. Going over the causeway with the water below allows for a great view of mother nature. Once in a while, we would see dolphins but never when I had my camera. So I told my angels “ If you bring me some dolphins I will never question your presence again? I will relinquish doubt and surrender to your guidance.” We all like proof, right?

The total walk is about five miles. We were almost to the other side of the bridge when I said to myself, “c’mon angels don’t let me down”. We went to the end of the bridge and turned around to head back. When out of the left corner of my eye I see a dolphin swimming towards the bridge. Simultaneously, there was another coming from under the bridge to meet up with the first one. It doesn't end there. The third dolphin approaches from the right hand side as they all meet together. Lined up in a row they began to do jumps and flips in the water. Literally putting on a show! My husband and I were in amazement! We had NEVER seen anything like this before! As I am taking pictures, this scene brings me to tears. I realize the extent of what I have just witnessed, and how it goes beyond the physical presence of the dolphins.

Remember I just had a meditation about three guides coming forward. There were three dolphins that came together from different directions, just like in my meditation. If you have read my previous books you know I have this thing with sets of three. Three is my significant number of signs that m team of angels lines up for me. It was during the writing of this book that I truly realized the symbolism behind the number three.

next week "Spirit Guides and The Power of Three"


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