Test Your Ability to Connect with your Angel's

From Angel's Love by Michelle Irene

As you can see from the previous post 10 Signs Your Angels are Near there are many unique properties to experiencing the presence of spirit. It is important to understand the difference because each visit is uniquely different. No two experiences are exactly the same which is one of the reasons that makes it so difficult to detect and teach.

I asked you last week to see what your impression was when I asked you what happens when I tell you to envision a lemon? Did your mouth water? Did you see an actual lemon? Did you see the color yellow? Could you smell it?

If you need to put a label on the way you receive an impression then let me introduce you to the Claire’s. These terms are used throughout the metaphysical world to define the impressions we sense when spirit is near. These include the sense of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, and touching.

~ Clairvoyance -- Clear seeing within the mind’s eye

Seeing images, and symbols are otherwise known as inner sight/second sight.

~ Clairaudience -- Clear hearing/audio through the inner or outer ear can be heard in words, tones, music, etc.

~ Clairsentience -- a Clear sensation of feeling the energy of angels/spirit near. Allowing you to feel who they are through their energy vibration.

~ Claircognizance -- Clear Knowing about things -- you just know

~ Clairalience -- Clear smelling of a fragrance/odor which is not in one's surroundings.

~ Clairtangency -- Clear touching also known as psychometry. When touching an object through the palms of one's hands information comes through

~ Clairgustance -- Clear tasting of a substance without putting anything in one's mouth.

~ Clairempathy -- clear emotion. A person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of another.

It is also important to note that the way spirit signals you when they are arriving can and probably will change. You may feel stronger in one aspect of detection but don’t be hesitate to strengthen any other abilities.

Back to the lemon test

Did you see it (using your imagination)? (Clairvoyance)

Did you taste it or did your mouth water right away in anticipation of the lemon approaching your mouth? (Clairgustance)

Could you smell the fresh scent of the lemon being cut through or squeezed? (Clairalience) Did you see the color of the lemon? (Clairvoyance)

Learning to tap into your abilities is a lot of fun! The first step is to trust. Understanding how you receive these messages is important to allow you to have that trust. It allows you to be more clear creating a confidence in your skill. When you begin to gain confidence, you begin to build a stronger connection and it continues to grow with this cycle. When you begin to practice connecting with your angels you may get clear concise signs right away. You may not. Don’t be discouraged. There is another way. I promise.

The beauty of seeing the signs, impressions and understanding them will allow you to better understand when you begin to receive messages. Helping you to believe and trust. It will become easier and it will make your life easier too! How does this all happen? It’s energetic. You are working at a different level of energy vibration. With each communication, recognition or message you have raised your energy vibration frequency more.

Another cycle that continues to take place allowing you to grow, get stronger and understand better. Your angels are NOT your imagination but they may give you images within your imagination to recognize for better understanding. They are your messengers working at a higher frequency and you are raising yours closer to meet them.

This is a shift in your vibration, a shift in perception and a shift in awareness. An awakening that will begin to reshape your life.

XOXO ~Michelle

next week 'Signs come in all different shapes and sizes'


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