4 Ways to a Better YOU

Your angel spirit team is with you whether you call upon them or not. But if you could communicate with them and create a better relationship would you?

Think of all the amazing little miracles you are missing out on experiencing. Imagine the smiles, happiness and love that would be in abundance of great proportions if only you could communicate better.

They can change your mood in an instant and give you comfort when needed most. They can guide you in directions you never dreamed possible. So why are you not connecting more often then you already do? What is holding you back? Why wouldn't you want to live the BEST LIFE possible?

Learning to connect with my angels on a different level has changed my life in so many ways. The books I have written while telling my story only briefly touch the surface of my experiences, my journey, my little miracles! I want to help everyone! I want to show you how you can lift yourself up through any sadness, frustration or tragedy that has happened around you. This is my soul purpose. This is one of my biggest reasons for being alive. I have been asked by the angels to share my stories which include their guidance. SO that you can see that you already have a relationship with your angels and can grow leaps and bounds as you continue on your personal journey.

There are so many ways to learn more, to learn how, to learn why. Don't wait another day to begin your new adventure. We all have room for improvement, even me ( I am a work in progress, no doubt).

To make it easier for you to begin this process there are four things you can begin to become a better you.

1. Start each day with an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for everything around! I mean everything.....and be truly grateful no matter how small.

2. Change your mindset. The way you think about life, the way you think about you and the way you think about others. Be positive, be loving and be compassionate.

3. Be positive. Sounds simple right? The power of a word is incredible. Keep it light and stay away from negative people, negative situations and negative thoughts. This will weigh you down which is the complete opposite of what we are trying to do.

4. Connect more with Mother Nature. Get outside! Breathe some fresh air and let the sunshine warm your soul. Feel the beautiful energy the earth has to offer.

By beginning to implement these tasks into your life they will eventually become habitual and give you a different feeling towards living. You are raising your energy vibration which is heightening your awareness of your oneness with the universe. Don't stop here! Keep moving forward so you can live a love full of abundance and happiness!

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