4 Ways to a Better Day

I recently finished coaching my first 'May Cause Miracles' Course. It was a huge commitment for all involved! 42 days straight of recording new messages, reflections, affirmations, meditations, live coaching calls!

Once the course was over, I felt really sad. It was such a joy to do this work every day. It kept me grounded and it kept me committed. I was being held accountable for doing the work because I didn't want to let my clients down.

I'm always great about commitment when it is about helping others but when it comes to myself, well, I have a tendency to let myself down. That's why this year 2019 (#thisismyyear) is so important to me. It is about holding myself accountable for ME!

Wouldn't you like the same for yourself?

This course while not just participating but actually teaching it really showed me a brand new view of what the power of staying in practice can do. Practice what you preach right?

Every day do something for you. Even if for a minute.

(Inspired by one of my new Angel's Love Inspiration Cards)

Now in stock! So excited!!

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey you have already come so far don't stop now! It gets better and better as you continue to move forward. I speak from experience. New practices will fall in your path and it's up to you to take the next step to keep growing so you can keep glowing!

I'm sure you have seen me use theses cards for daily guidance in my social media feeds. At least I hope you are seeing them being used (LOL) if not follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest where I post weekly. But that's not the point of my post today.

I want to show you four super easy ways to make your day better by simply using a deck of cards. I really don't care (I mean I do but) what deck you use is up to you. I simply really want you to get into the habit of practicing being connected! Four great ways to begin your day in a better way!

1.Inspiration Card Tip numero uno! Pick a card as a writing prompt in your journal.

Shuffle your deck and set your intentions for what you want to receive. Guidance towards a goal you are working towards, protection from something you may be worried about, inspiration for a project you may be working on. It doesn't matter what the question, it can be answered in the cards which allows you to quiet your mind if only for a few seconds to gain better clarity. Once you read the card turn to your journal (play some of your favorite meditation music) and allow your pen to take the lead while reflecting on the meaning of the card and how it relates to you.

2. Place your favorite card deck on your entry way table. Everyday before you walk out the door, pick a card and carry that special message with you throughout the day. You can physically carry it in your purse (I'd buy a special case to protect it) and look at it when you feel the need. Stress levels rising, negative nellie comes your way, or simply drained? Pull out your card for a sudden burst of energy! It's better than a candy bar and has less calories, too. Your family members or roommates may wonder what you are doing and before you know it they are doing the same. What a great way to shine your light for others!

3. Place your favorite card deck on your nightstand. Before you go to sleep at night allow your card to be the last thing you read before you go to sleep. Focus on the message and how it may relate to your current situation. Allow these words to marinate throughout your body while you sleep. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

4. Mind, Body, and Soul Reading. No, you don't have to get out your crystal ball and wear you large hoop earrings. You are not a fortune teller however you are the creator of your future! This is a super cool way to dive deep into your soul. This has to do with your inner self and the connection with your higher-self and a higher power.

This can be quite insightful and powerful! So be sure to do your protection prayer before diving in. (click here to learn how to create your own or simply listen)

After your protection before connection you have begun the process of connecting safely . You have raised your energy vibration to a new level. Setting the wheels in motion. Now set your intentions for what you are seeking while you are shuffling your deck. If a card pops out it's a bonus so place it to the side for added insight after you pick your three cards.

Pick them one at a time and place them face down. 1 is for your mind, 2 is in regards to your body and 3 is for your soul. Together these three cards create a stronger more meaningful message as opposed to a one card inspiration. Listen to your first thoughts, this is your inner guidance assisting you. Let spirit lead the way as you begin to write your cards messages in your journal and reflect on what this means to you!

Are you ready to continue to create a life of happiness? To remind yourself how to live in a loving way? By implementing one or all of these four steps into your day your practice will spring into action!

Let me know which one you choose and how it goes! I love hearing back from you. info@michelleirene.com

Inspiration for learning to better connect with your angel's love to discover a greater love within.

This 48 card deck with 9 BONUS CARDS is a great way to be inspired by your card choice each day, privately in your own home.

Anytime you need a quick pick me up, positive guidance or insight.

Create a life of happiness with a card of day to remind yourself how to live in a loving way.

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