3 Steps to Help you Carry the Vibration of Love

As we come to the close of May and all it has brought to us, it's the perfect time to reflect on exactly that. This is a beautiful way to recharge your battery by simply looking back at all the good that was placed in front of you. That's right I said placed in front of you.

So much goodness is directly on your path each and everyday if you are open to seeing the beauty of what you already have. We have a tendency to focus on what's next, what we want, what we don't want, what we do not have, etc. When we shift our view to seeing what is directly right in front of us we can begin to release control of what we think we are controlling.

When we release this control we release an energy and begin to transform it to a more powerful source of healing, We transform it to a greater love. A love that is deep within. Our greatest assets and our greatest power.

Once we release control we surrender to allowing the flow of the universal energy that is waiting to work with us. We can then allow the energy of our love to heal us. To heal our pain, our heart, our trauma, our self doubt, etc. Allowing us to open our heart to receive the power, the strength, and the wisdom of our highest power!

The May Monthly Mantra below was chosen at the beginning of the month as a tool to bring you into a practice of reminding yourself how powerful you truly are.

Angel's Love Inspiration Cards

When we repeat these affirmations everyday you can begin to draw the energy of these words to you. The universe hears your calling and is ready to send you the abundance you so deserve.

Affirming your faith by staying in practice with any sacred ritual will raise your energy vibration to new heights allowing you to see more than ever before.

Because when we begin to see is when the beauty of our source works more in sync creating awesomeness!

3 Steps to carry the vibration of Love

1. See what is right in front of you.

2. Release Control

3. Affirm your faith with a mantra

Join me Saturday June 1st at 10am for the JUNE MANTRA LIVE! Plus if you show up and ask, I will pull a card for you personally to carry the vibration of love with you all month long. After all Love is the the new lifestyle!

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