I'm a Spirit Junkie, are you?

The original date of this post was October of last year. After I allowed the energy of this miraculous event to fully sink in. I just felt the need to share again. My life is forever changed because of this one day! Enjoy.

What? What is a spirit junkie you may ask? It is Halloween after all and what better time to chat about spirit than on Halloween? Is it a super cool costume? A mask that we all wear? No, no, no!!! It is the exact opposite. It is the time when we decide to remove the mask we have been wearing. When you are tired of being something you are not. When you are tired of pretending to be someone you think the world wants to see. When you begin to question your way of living and realize it is time for a radical change in your life. You feel as if there is something more or question what is next. You may feel as if you are about to hit rock bottom. You may not feel as if you are living as your whole self and decide it is time to dive in and discover what is within.

I used to think what a failure I am. I have served no purpose I would tell myself. I’m selfish and ungrateful. I should be happy! I had everything, so it seemed. I never really enjoyed all the beautiful gifts that were sent my way. I did not think I was worthy of all this goodness. I kept waiting for something tragic to take place because of this feeling of unworthiness.

I was afraid to truly be happy on the inside. Out of fear! I was scared. Through the love of my angels, I was able to rebirth the love for myself and experience all the joy life has to offer. You can too! Your angel's love you and are ready to show you the way!

I was guided by my angels to discover Miss Bernstein. I remember when I first began my spiritual journey through the writing of books I ran across this exact book of hers, Spirit Junkie. But I didn't dive in at the time. I thought to myself, I'm not a junkie? Lol, I'm not that into the whole spiritual thing. Setting limitations for myself out of fear of what others would think of me, stopped me from reading more. I read some of her wisdom and passed on to another research source of self discovery. She didn't resonate with me at the time. That's the key, at that time. After three publications of my own books Never Alone, Angles: Guide~Guard~Protect, A Guide to Connecting with Angels, I was guided back to her work. During the time period of one of her New York Times best sellers "The Universe has your Back." The timing was right to begin to learn from this insightful woman.

Everything began to totally resonate within. I had done many years of self work for a better self worth and was able to truly understand her teachings on a completely different level. Not only can she take you from ground zero to hero (within yourself) but she teaches other spirit junkies to become spiritual leaders in their field of knowledge. After completing my Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One, I was able to propel my offerings to the world as a spiritual empowerment/intuitive coach and allow my light to shine brighter than ever! I was able to complete my fourth book Angel's Love while having experienced a major shift of perception. Allowing me to see the world from a different view. To see ALL the beauty in others. Better yet being able to assist others to see the beauty within themselves.

There are so many things to be learned about this amazing world! it is super easy to get sucked into the vortex of spirituality. Becoming addicted to the euphoric feeling of bliss and happiness is definitely one of the best addictions available! Now that's a junkie worth being.

Here are 10 Tips on How to Become a 'Spirit Junkie' By Gabrielle Bernstein

1. Always choose love over fear

2. Practice the F Word: Forgive

3. Gratitude is the only attitude

4. Be of kind to others

5. Daily Meditation

6. Daily Prayer

7. Be willing to let go of resentments

8. Be open to receiving guidance

9. See everyone as equal

10. Expect Miracles

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