4 Steps to Creating A New Lifestyle

What is your lifestyle? If you had to give an account of how it looks in what way would you describe how you live each day? How do you discover it? Think about that for a minute before you move on. Sit someplace quiet and close your eyes and ask yourself what is my lifestyle?

Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls and so we seek answers and guidance.

The guidance you are searching for comes from your own inner wisdom. To discover a new way of living you first must think about the feeling. How is it you want to feel? Think about that for a minute before you move on. Sit someplace quiet and close your eyes and ask yourself how is it I want to feel?

Tapping into your inner guide is about trusting your intuition. We all have this inner guide, GPS, connection to a higher power. It's all connected to a source. The key is to rediscover this connection. To plug back in and see the part of you that is ready to reappear and shine.

There is no overnight quick fix. It's a process and the process changes as we travel through each new step on our journey. As soon as we think we have it all figure out there is a calling for another change. Your intuition helps with each phase of change. If you allow it.

There are special techniques you can us that will allow you to see further then you've ever seen. Feel deeper then you've ever felt and become a vessel of inspiration, love, and light.

It all begins with one question. What is your question? Think about that for a minute before you move on. Sit someplace quiet and close your eyes and ask yourself what am I looking for? This question is different for many. But when we seek the answer is when we begin to set the wheels in motion.

When we seek for truth and understanding we begin to stir the energy of the universe. She is listening and has been waiting for you.

You have heard the calling and are ready to step back into your power and regain what it is you are in search of.

Now is the time to take that step forward. No matter what your question, the willingness to seek answers all stems from one thing.


This is where we begin and where we finish. Its an inside job. How you get there is up to you.

Make it your NEW Lifestyle.

It will rock your world, it will change your world.

3 Steps to Create A New Lifestyle - The MI (read it as my meaning you) Lifestyle

Before you begin, get out your journal. If you have been following me you know the drill. Find yourself a special notebook to do all these assignments in. It's a great way to track your thoughts, ideas, guidance and growth.

Create a large box around the edges of the page. Draw a line smack down the middle.

Let's set the mood. Find a place to sit quietly. Maybe playing some soft music or maybe something upbeat. Whatever feels best for you. Then ask yourself the following questions and write all the thoughts that come to your head. They don't have to be complete sentences. They can be words. Symbols. Write what you see, hear and feel. Let it all pour out. Don't think. That's what sometimes blocks us from receiving answers.

Trust that you are working from a power greater then you. As you begin to build a stronger connection then ever before. When you ask yourself these questions, say them out loud. Feel the words and allow the energy of them to run through you. Be honest. This work doesn't work if your are not completely engaged.

1. In the left hand box document your answers to this first question. What is my current lifestyle? Describe it the best way you know how. How does this current situation make you feel? What we are doing here is beginning to deactivate our old way of living. So write it all down and be brutally honest with yourself.

2. In the right hand side of the box for each way you are living now write what you would like your new found lifestyle to look like and feel like? example: You may have written ' I am totally stressed out' but what you would like is 'to find peace in my day' Be positive and loving to yourself. As you write these positive loving words feel the vibration of love with each one. Maybe sit with it for a minute to allow it to begin to recalibrate your current energy feeling.

3. Now take a red pen and draw a big ass X through the left hand column. X marks the spot and is a symbol of standing in your own power. You have the power to recreate the way you are living. No longer look at those words that you just blocked out! You are no longer giving them the power to control your life. You are no longer allowing them to have a hold over you.

You are releasing their energy and transforming it to something more beautiful. LOVE

4. Last step: Read the new you lifestyle out loud. Feel the words. Close your eyes and feel this tingling sensation that runs through your body. Read these words every day for the next few weeks. I guarantee you will begin to see a shift in your life take place if you allow this new flow of loving energy to continue to circulate within.

Let me know how you feel along this new path. I truly want to hear from you.

Always from a place of love,


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