Back-To-Basics Lifestyle changes For Feeling Great!

When I was a gymnast I didn't perform the hardest tricks but I performed the basics with ease and grace. Becoming one of the top performers in my level.

When my husband was a coach he didn't always have the most talented players in the leagues but he focused on the basics and turned them into champions.

As parents, we didn't always focus on our kids being the best and having to have all A's. We encouraged them to always stick with the basics of life and do the best they could. The rest will fall into place. They now live enriched happy lives.

As a lifestyle transformation coach through the years I have discovered that the path to wellness and happiness is actually quite simple: Stick to the basics. When we can perform the basics of life better we can live healthier and happier.

We have a tendency to make life harder than it is. To make more work for ourselves then we have to.

"We overthink, over indulge, overdo, and well we become overwhelmed, overweight and sometimes the feeling of being over with life altogether."

Many times when we go above and beyond it can be overkill. Getting in other people's space and making them feel like they are not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough. Has this ever happened to you? Or vise versa when others do this to you. Either the giver or receiver it's overwhelming?

This is why I have created my Back to Basics approach to coach.

The process is simple in theory yes but bringing ourselves back to easy living is a process to reimplement simplicity into our lives. One day at a time, one step at a time to a renewed you.

No up level just simply doing the basics better. The approach for me and my families way of living.

My parents always said you can do anything you put your mind . They were right. Sort of. And the theory of do what you love and the rest will follow including the Money is great. To a point. It should say 'do what you love and the abundance will follow.' The abundance is so much more the money. Money is awesome don't get me wrong but it won't buy you happiness or love.

"With your abundance bills you can buy the world."

Abundance comes in many shapes, forms and a size that fits all. Each meaning something different to all of us. Just like the meaning of success means something different to all of us. Here is a super easy exercise to begin with:

  • Can you define abundance for yourself?

  • What does it look like?

  • What does it feel like?

When you can define the answers to these questions for 'yourself' then you can begin to go back to the basics. You can take a new look at the steps that you need to take in the direction you want to go. You give yourself a vision to work towards. Where is it truly is you want to go? I don't think many of really think about our destination. What are we truly striving for?

All day long we go, go, go but what is all this work for? What are you working towards? Do you even know where you want to go? That's a boat load of questions and they are important to ask yourself. If we don't know where we are giong how are we going to get there? If we don't know where we are going how will we know when we have arrived?

Almost daily there are experiences in our life that can create chaos which leads to the stress of living. We can easily get lost in the mundane tasks of life. We began to do things over and over and over again without even thinking about it. Not even realizing what the end result is truly going to be. And when we do get to this end result is this truly where we wanted to be?

The question of life is not so much about where do you want to go but how do you want to feel when you get there? That's what the basics are about. What is the end (and I don't mean death) feeling? I am talking goals and dreams. The new house, new car, new career, relationships, friends, etc... Let's face it. Life is not about the race to the finish line. It is not a competition. Have you ever heard someone say 'Hey, I died before you. I WON!" ? It is time to slow down if even for a moment. Smell the roses and create something worth living for.

Life is about building something beautiful for yourself. Life is about building memories that we can cherish to get us through the rough times. To enjoy. To laugh and love. When you begin to build that beautiful life for yourself filled with love and happiness plus lots of other yummy stuff, the beauty of your light will shine bright. It will shine bright for all surrounding you to see and share. It is time to discover how we can work on creating a better self. When we accomplish this beginning point.....yes just the beginning of change, we can emulate a beautiful energy of love and light. By simply performing the basics for life better.

When we are shining this light and living as our best selves we are actually serving those surrounding us better. In a new way. Because when we show up every day as our best selves by doing the basics better, we can't help but help others on a higher level than ever before.

We are similar to our cell phones. After serving its purpose all day long by the end of the day you have to find an electrical outlet to plug it back in to recharge. (or sometimes especially if it's my phone we have to plug it in in the afternoon). It gets used all day long. It performs its daily task. It gets programmed and updated to give us information. It is a constant source of knowledge, support and guidance on a rotation of giving, giving, giving, giving. And the only way for it to recharge is to get plugged in to electricity.

Just like you. You are a constant source of knowledge, support and guidance. On a constant rotation of giving, giving, giving. If your battery is drained how are you going to recharge? That's what the basics of life is all about: plugging back in to get the energy that we need to recharge.

I have already given you an exercise to begin. The questions above about abundance. Let's start there. Let's take our time. Let's recharge the right way for longevity. It's not a quick fix. After all, how old are you? (you don't have to answer) My point being, it took you this long to get here. It's time to clear out the software back to factory settings. (that's where the basics of your phone began.) Before you programmed it with all those extra apps and programs.

Look for the new 'Back to Basics for Feeling Great Series' once a month beginning in September at my Blog 'Inspiring minds want to know' on my website.

Sending you love and light filled with recharging energy!


Are you ready to rise? -- Are you ready to shine?

Are you ready to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment?


An uplifting fun filled Day!

Detail coming SOON!

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