The Power of Love - Your soul knows the seedling of the statement

There's an app for that. No, seriously there is a Spirit Junkie App that I have on my phone and it is set to go off every day at 11:11. I love it when I hear the notification ding because I know I am in store for a shift in my day. This shift takes place with perfect precision and timing, Magically it always knows just what to say when I need it most. Today's message was simple like it usually is. "I consciously look for love throughout the day."

As simple as this sounds many of us think we do this. But are we really? Where is it that you find love? For the most part, I think the majority of us are looking for moments to complain, find fault, judge others instead of finding these moments of love.As I get older I know most conversations I have with others tend to be moments of despair and why we are stressed. What someone else did or didn't do. Even or should I say especially on social media. What kind of content are your sharing with others? Are you complaining or sharing kindness?

To be in a state of love as constant as possible we have to be loving towards others as well as our self. Even if we are poking fun at ourselves, it's really not loving energy.'

'Your soul knows the seedling of the statement.'​​

What seeds are you planting? Is the seed you are harvesting a deep-rooted situation within yourself that you may be projecting onto another? Or are you planting the seed with the intention of spreading kindness? Being mindful of our thoughts and actions can lead us to a greater way of living. Or not. The choice is yours how you want to grow.

Many of the stories that I share are for teaching moments, To show you how to find the courage to keep moving forward. How to find some goodness in the day. How to find some clarity. I have my moments for sure. It is not all rainbows and unicorns. I catch myself. I still fall. But I know how to pick myself up and dust off the dirt to get back to my blissful state of being. This is what I want most for you. This is my purpose: to show you the way to live freely and love fully.

We are surrounded by beauty if we open our eyes to see it. To feel it and appreciate it for what it is. We harness many powers deep within ourselves that once we begin to understand our own capabilities we literally can accomplish anything! The most powerful ability of the human spirit, the greatest of all our powers, is love. Love is universal.

Everyone from any background, color, or race understands love. Even animals comprehend this ability. It is not only a feeling, but it is also a form of affection, a sentiment.Yes, this beautiful euphoric feeling is a universal language that reflects the ultimate power we hold within our souls. The light you harness within is that of the Holy Spirit. It was given to you before you were born. It is not something you earn or gather. It is your gift.

Why do we not harness this gift and appreciate it? Why do we disregard it when we should be embracing it? Why do we allow others to take it away (so to speak)? Self-love is always within you. It cannot disappear. It may be buried deep inside but it is there. Sometimes it makes a guest appearance and we feel amazing!

The next time you are feeling down look around you and consciously look for love. It surrounds you. It is everywhere you look. It will pick you up and lead you forward. When you feel great look take another look around you at all the love that surrounds you. It is everywhere you look. It will enhance your feeling of this precious gift. It will allow you to live freely because you are loving fully.

Get your Spirit Junkie App here.....I don't get any payback from this I just LOVE it! I know you will too. One simple way for me to share the love.

Planting the Seeds of LOVE

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