A Life Built on Love

Our children surprised us with a vow renewal on the beach during our recent family vacation.

Professing our love for one another was one of the most magical moments of my life. To look back at our wedding day and quickly review all that we have endured and created. To be surrounded by a family of love during this special moment was beyond amazing.

We are a family built on the foundation of love, understanding, encouragement, and support.

We do not judge, compare, criticize or compete (ok maybe a little especially when it comes to sports).

Let's be clear it hasn't always been an easy road. We have made sacrifices and made mistakes. Through much laughter and tears, we have created a greater bond. Through illnesses and deaths, we have embraced love greater than ever. Life is how we learn to be the best we can be.

Our initial wedding day vows thirty years ago were not only for the two of us but for the family we created. Making room to embrace anyone who entered into our circle. A circle filled with love.

I just want to share with the world how truly blessed I am. In so many ways this beautiful universe continues to amaze me and shower us with blessings.

Through much self-work I was able to find my true inner happiness and acceptance of what the world has given me. As we continue to create more of what we want in our life through the connection of our angel's love I truly understand that as long as we have each other I have everything I need.

Connect with your Angel's Love for greater impact in your world.

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