Work in the Light of your Truth - from the Back to Basics for Feeling Great Series

Here we are.

Where is here exactly? A few weeks back I talked about how we have a tendency to make life harder than it is. To make more work for ourselves then we have to.

"We overthink, over indulge, overdo, and well we become overwhelmed, overweight and sometimes the feeling of being over with life altogether."

Many times when we go above and beyond it can be overkill. Getting in other people's space and making them feel like they are not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough. Has this ever happened to you? Or vise versa when others do this to you. Either the giver or receiver it's overwhelming? This is why I have created my Back to Basics approach to coach. (click here to read more about this series)

The Back to Basics for Feeling Great Series begins today. Right now in this moment even if you are ready this five years from now. Once a month I will share with you one of my basic tips for happier living. Many of these tips are simple. Yet we may not practice them on a regular basis. Why? We are busy people. We overthink, over indulge, overdo , and these basic tips slip our minds. This month's tip is about being an optimist and how this can influence your life in a positive way.

My first question to you is just that - are you an optimist? How do you look at life, at situations? Glass half full or half empty? Ask yourself this question and allow yourself time to fully answer. Be honest.

If you are not fully honest with yourself then none of this work will fully benefit you. Do you see the forest for the trees or just the roots and the muck that lay on the ground?

"When we are being optimistic we are looking on the bright side.

This is where we find our light. I call it my angel's light."

You can call it whatever feels most comfortable for you. Looking on the bright side is where you will connect with your angel's love, your highest self, your self love. When you are optimistic about your day you share in the light of your angles. You share in the light of your love. You share in the light of your voice and your truth. The love that is meant to guide you towards all your life's desires.

4 Steps to Work in the Light of your Truth

1. Are you an optimist? How do you look at life, at situations?

2. Do you share your deepest desires in this light? Share your thoughts and wishes during your morning meditation or add them to your journal. Or both. The more you review them the more energy you put behind them. The more they will come to fruition.

3. What do you wish for? Begin with small wishes to see your true desires manifest into your dreams coming true. As you do you begin to create the momentum of energy needed to move forward towards those goals. You will be guided in the direction you need to go to make it happen.

4. Take action. If you don't go you don't grow.

As the years go by we begin to create a pattern of how we live every day.

Some may call it a routine, a pattern, or a habit...

I call it programming. We program our mind into believing this is 'normal'.

Isn't it time to tear up that blueprint to reprogram your thought system and bring NEWness into your life?

At this years event I'm going to share with you one of my favorite tips:

'5 Minutes to Happiness'

A technique I developed through my teachings to give you greater success at allowing abundance into your life.

That's right just 5 minutes a day you can begin to reprogram your mindset to bring in more joy and abundance.

No matter how much happiness you have right now there is always room for more. Tried and proven with amazing results this will work for you.

If you're ready...that's up to you.

Take action. Save your spot here 💜

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