5 Steps for a Quicker Comeback from the Blues

I was super busy this past month with hosting three events and much traveling all while working with one on one clients. Then I hit the brick wall. You know the one. Down for the count from exhaustion and the winter blues. Not the healthiest of conditions for remaining a blissful beacon of light.

Yea, it hits me every year no matter how far I travel for sunshine. No matter how much meditation and journaling I do it still happens. The good news is because of my spiritual practice as I continue to stay present and do the work, the seasonal depression doesn't hit me as hard as it did in the past.

With my daily routine which involves self-care and self-love, I have learned to allow the feelings to flow where they may go. The more I try to fight it and say 'nope, not this year' actually creates resistance, makes the depression sit longer and makes it harder to come back. I realize I have to remember to simply surrender earlier during the onset period because I am so aware of the downward spiral I can feel the energy shift begin at the onset. I knew it was coming.

But I decided to fight it.

I'm a fighter.

I'm a survivor.

I am strong.

"Sometimes being strong is about getting out of your own way."

What happens when allowing myself to feel the feels and allow the energy to run its course, I get out of alignment with my true being. Which takes (yep there's that brick wall again) me out of alignment with my normal daily routines and as a spiral effect makes many other things in my life suffer. My self-care, my practice, my relationships, my energy levels and it begins to appear symptomatically throughout my body.

This year it showed up as a touch of vertigo. My world was literally spiraling out of control. My head hurt, I was dizzy, my stomach was nauseous but I wanted to eat. Eat all the bad things that my body hadn't had in a long time due to my nutritional lifestyle change last year.

I stopped journaling which I've been very committed to this year as part of a New Year Intention I set. I meditated less if at all. The two things that keep me on the straight and narrow the most. At times through these phases of hibernation I felt so tired and sad I almost forgot what it feels like to feel good. But I know it's there. I've experienced it many times over and it is peeking around the corner. I know this to shall pass. I have faith because I've done it so many times before.

As an angelic channeler teaching others how to get themselves back from similar types of life situations I realized I hadn't done even the simplest morning rituals of mine. The simple things I teach my clients. Laying on my back on the couch (my personal favorite self-pity pose) I close my eyes and thank my angel team for this moment of slowing me down. To realize how good life can be by showing me how important taking care of myself truly is. To show me this is not how I want to feel. I proceed to recite my light protection prayer as I ask the highest of high power to come forth and protect me during this healing process.

I allow myself to ride the wave of what my mind and body need to do for my soul so I can get myself back to that place of well being. By allowing myself to feel the feels and surrender to the process of the energy flowing around me, it creates less resistance and guides me back to aligning myself with my true being. A happier me.

During this attunement within myself, I come back to my place of peace and love much quicker. Within one hour I began to feel this gray matter of energy that has been hanging around my body for a few days begin to lift. I feel a release. I continue to allow them to work their magic and know my angel team is doing its thing.

My angels love has helped me through the darkest times of my life. It is through their connection and understanding that I have been able to be a spiritual leader for so many others. The path to enlightenment is paved with good intentions and that is my reason for writing this to you today.

Create your own spiritual practice so it fits into your belief system. Everyone is different yet we are all the same. We are all striving for the same end game.

5 Steps for a Quicker Comeback from the Blues

1. Surrender for less Resistance: Feel the feels and allow the energy to flow through you. It's actually assisting in ridding your body of the energy that no longer serves you.

2. Stay in your spiritual practice: to the best of your ability even if it is a simple prayer of white light protection.

3. Show gratitude: for the sadness-negative energy-aches and pains. Showing you this is not where you want to be and giving thanks for the feeling good moments of being able to know the difference.

4. Allow: allow the wave of emotions to set the motion for healing. Allow the guidance of your spirit team to lead the way to a better day. Get out of your own way.

5. Get back into your daily routine of rituals, self-care, exercise, and good eating habits. The balance of the mind, body, and soul will create the greatest divine light connection possible.

side note: if you are having suicidal thoughts, thoughts of hurting yourself or another please seek professional help. Reach out to someone to talk to that can give you the assistance you may need. Get out of your own way and ask for help. There is more strength in that then trying to go it alone.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255

Michelle is a vessel of love through my angel's guidance. Here to show you how to create a strong connection to all that is. As an Angelic Spirit Channeler, I show you ways to realign your soul and attune to the energy that surrounds you.  I will teach you how to live an Intuitive Lifestyle and rebuild a stronger link to the divine light from within to the heaven's above. Be sure to sign up for the notification list so you get all the latest techniques, stories, event listings and more.

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