Align your truth for Creation - Six steps for more Joy

How? Follow these steps throughout each day and you will begin to create more joy in your life. Through self-development, personal relationships and even your career the path to abundance can shift at any moment.

In moments of confusion, despair, reflection, and even happiness when you bring energy to your thoughts, you create more of what it is you are thinking. Particular moments throughout the day capture your attention for a reason. This is the guidance of your angel team. Asking you to take note. There's a lesson here to be seen, heard, and understood.

~ Take a step back for a moment

~ Check in before you respond, react, and create.

It may seem as if there is a lot to think about in the moment of a decision to be made. On how to best move forward but the truth is the more you practice this skill set the easier it becomes until it is simply your new way of living.

1. Ask yourself is this a loving thought?

What does this mean?

Loving thoughts are not jealous or spiteful.

Loving thoughts are about the highest good for all.

It's not about the you or the me.

It's about the we collectively and how we can make this world a better place. Make your world a better place.

It begins with you and ends with you.

If someone has done harm onto you doing harm back is not the answer. Finding a loving way to respond even if it's kindness for yourself. Giving you permission to bow out gracefully to move forward with ease.

2. Is this a serving thought?

Will this thought you are having serve yourself and serve the others involved?

Will it serve in a good way without spite and jealousy?

3. Is this going to make my life better?

If the thought is loving and serving it will make your life better. You may not see how and honestly you don't have to but it is in the vibrational frequency of step one and two that it will truly serve your truth. As it leads you forward with ease and grace.

4. Is this going to make me better?

This is not saying you are not good enough or better than the person/situation.

When you align with your truth you create more goodness.

Have you ever said to yourself 'I don't need or want any more goodness?'

Of course not! There is always room for more. You are deserving of more.

When you send loving thoughts out into the universe they will boomerang back to you.

5. Will this bring me love, peace, and joy?

The truth is when you can walk away feeling good about your reaction and thought - the process of being in alignment will always feel good. Knowing you did the right thing. In the moment it may not but It will bring joy your way for you are working with the power of the universe and of the highest good for all.

6. Will this create more abundance?

What is abundance? It is a feeling. It's about a large quantity of something. In this case, it is a large quantity of love. The highest vibration you can receive. It doesn't come from any other source but the light you hold within.

This light carries all the gifts you'll ever need.

For it is in believing that we begin to see.

It is in seeing that we will give.

It is in giving we receive.

It is in receiving that we replenish and shine brighter.

It is a beautiful process worth living in. It will align you with your truth for creating a beautiful joy-filled life.

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