Divine Light Message for Week of November 1, 2020

'I am the light of my soul' and that light is powerful.

People quickly dismiss the light phrase when in reality they simply do not understand how powerful each individual light is.

Light is a frequency. It gives us a name to something we can not see.

When combined with the connection of the Divine Light and Spirits Light.

It's lights out with limitless possibilities.

Create the greatest connection when you begin with the light from within.

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There are moments in your life when you are not sure where to turn.

Moments of uncertainty can be confusing, depressing, and debilitating. Through a Divine Light Connection Session, you will receive a mentoring session reading on a soulful level.

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Messages are for your higher self on a soul level as well as the underlying influences. To guide you towards what your soul may be needing most to heal, grow, nurture.

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