Easing the Pain of losing a Loved One:Begin receiving and recognizing signs from above.

During one of my many Facebook Live discussions, I had a personal question from a woman named Amanda. She says, "I really miss my mom. How can I get messages from her?"

Losing a loved one is by far the most difficult thing that a human being and the human spirit has to go through. It's easier for them because they've passed over into the spiritual world. All the energy of their life experiences while they're here on earth, they take that with them. This is why when you connect with a medium, they can bring forth memories of things that you may have typically forgotten. Losing a loved one is super difficult. One of the biggest steps, the biggest hurdles to get through when healing is the acceptance that they are truly not here on earth anymore, but they are with you forever because you are energetically connected.

You can simply ask, "Hey mom, listen, I'm ready to get some signs. Can you just give me a sign?" There are a lot of people that have talked to their parents or loved ones before they passed and said specifically, "When you pass, I want you to come back as a butterfly. I want you to give me feathers, whatever it is, and that way I'll know it's you." My advice - Don't be afraid to talk with your loved ones before they pass about these connections. It doesn't bring them back by any means but when you do get the signs from your angels and from your loved ones if just for an instant, it can give you:

  • a glimpse of hope

  • a feeling of love and warmth

  • a feeling of appreciation

  • a moment of peace knowing they are still near

You know that's a moment you'll cherish forever.

I suggest that when you find these angel gifts (I like to call them that) you pick them up or you take a picture of where you discovered them. If it's not something that you can take with to cherish.

Purchase a pretty container, jar or a box. Label it 'angel gifts' and then put all those wonderful gifts in there. Every time you walk by it, you can see how blessed you truly are and how often you are receiving gifts.

Pay attention to the signs around you because not only are the signs falling in your path from loved ones, but they're also falling in your path because they're what I call the breadcrumbs from your angels.

They're guiding you towards what is next for you in life. Don't be afraid to follow the signs that are near. #Divineconnection #Connectingwithangels #angelslove #connectingwithangelslove #michelleirene #neveralone #breadcrumbs #angels #lightworker #Soulactivation #soulfulmessages #personaldevelopment #spiritualdevelopment #spiritualjourney #spirit

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