Healing power of light leads the way

DIVINE LIGHT MESSAGE for the week of 12/13-19/2020

"When the trials seem heavy and you feel you can hardly bear it, remember that the moment of joy is at hand.

When trials have passed you will know yourself as the pillar of light strength as you shine for all to see."*

For all who will look to see. No longer living in doubt for it has ended.

Leave your limiting beliefs behind. You think you are small as you seek protection as you believe this is your need.

The release of those beliefs will allow you to see the world in a new light as you begin to see through the eye of your soul.

The vision of clarity speaks louder than words. It is a vision of joy as the healing power of light leads the way.

*quote from 'The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament'

Retreat 2021 -- It's time to FLY - May 21st -23rd 2021

Release - Recharge - Rejuvenate.

As a lightworker when was the last time you took the opportunity to be the receiver instead of the giver?

It is time to receive as you release old energies to recharge your inner battery of strength and goodness. To rejuvenate your soul's light as you return back to love and serve others on a higher level of enlightenment.

Come together with like minded people as we create an endearing bond through a weekend filled with new experiences, meditations, self reflection and ceremonial celebrations.

Get on the wait list as the details are revealed .... click here

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