Is it time for a do-over?

Happy New Year! How's that working for ya?

~We have such high expectations for the new year.

~We have this grandeur expectation of starting fresh and doing it right this time.

There is this amazing energy circulating around us creating such a buzz how can we not expect but to do better. The ability to magically erase the pitfalls of yesteryear is designed in the word 'new' setting you up for the opportunity to succeed!

We ride this wave of energy for a few weeks if we are lucky enough and then it slowly begins to dissipate.

We slide right back into our old habits. We allow the fear of not being able to accomplish our new goals or intentions to begin to stand in our way.

Our intentions were good yes, but our follow through?

I don't typically celebrate the new year in the way that many others do. To me, it's another day. I can begin anew with my next breath. If you want to make the change why wait until a designated day. Do it now. I don't like to wait around especially for new opportunities.

So my question to you is are you going to wait until the next new year to begin again?

Allow me to answer for you. NO!

It's no big deal that everything you planned and hoped for didn't turn out the way you hoped. It's OK! You're OK!

You've got this because you can press the reset button at any moment.

How to Reset Your New Year's Resolutions - The Seven Day Reset

  1. Breathe in ~~ Breathe Out ~~ Begin again.

  2. Go back to your resolutions (if you watched my free video series on this you know my true feelings) and pick the ONE most important intention on your list.

  3. Begin with this. Only this. Give your self seven days

  4. After day one is completed pat yourself on the back and celebrate your win! Do this every day. Give yourself praise and credit!

  5. After the seven days reevaluate where you are. How do you feel? If you got off track hop back on. It's never too late. Make adjustments if needed. Make it easy for yourself to succeed.

  6. After seven days add one new intention to this list. If you're not ready to take on another new task just yet then don't! You will when you are ready.

  7. Celebrate all the moments of accomplishment from the past week! See all your moments of success through your eyes and embrace them with gratitude as you move into the new second week. Repeat.

Begin your 7 Day Journal Reset

Any moment is a moment to press the reset button! Are you ready to do the work? To show up for yourself?

The willingness to see in a new way?

  • Recalibrate your mindset

  • Realign with your inner guide

  • Reconnect with your inner wisdom

Ready - Set - (click) GO!

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