Self Care = Self Love

When you say the words self-love do you feel a little cringe?

I get it. That used to be me. The way many of us were brought up thinking about yourself was always last on the list.

Until I learned that loving yourself allows you to love greater.

Yes, you heard that right. Let me repeat.


You see when you give yourself all the love you deserve you actually replenish the tank which gives you more fuel to love others with more.

More energy.

More substance.

More more more!

How do you like it? Did you sing it? Hehe.

This is why I am gifting you one of my favorite self-love meditations. Click this link to officially become a member of Michelle Irene.

You make me Smile Meditation will bring you to a place of greater understanding and acceptance. Begin a new day today!

When you become a member (totally FREE) you will begin receiving free meditations, techniques, offers and special discounts for 'members-only' that you can easily access all in one place! Anytime! From any device!

This week's meditation 'You make me Smile' will assist you to Look at yourself with loving eyes and kindness. The way you deserve. Allowing you to give back to the world in a more loving way.



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