Sunday Soulful Messages 10-11-20

"Acceptance will assist the resistance to rise for a greater flow of loving energy."

As a kid, you probably closed your eyes and made a wish when it came to dandelions.

Do you remember? Allowing for all the seeds to blow with the wind.

Land where they may, plant where they must, and blossom into full bloom through time.

What are you wishing? What are you planting? Where will you blossom?

Release the fear,

the unknown,

the control of the outcome

to allow for the energetic flow of your angelic team to do what it needs to do.

Check back in with yourself midweek. See where you are. Shift your direction if it's not feeling aligned.

Wednesday is a reminder that you are midway through the week as you are angelically being guided if you accept this opportunity to flow with their loving energy.

As you check back in midweek to see where you are, how you feel, and get back into the alignment of focus and feeling good.

Take action and be patient.

Xoxo Michelle

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