Surviving the Holiday Season or any other day...

Be the energy everyone wants more of.

As you begin a spiritual journey back to authenticity, other people in your life may not understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, and in most cases want nothing to do with it for many reasons. They see you changing and it can be a bit scary. Numerous others do not like change. I embrace it for there is something new in sight. Change can be uncomfortable as you step outside of your comfort zone. It can be very exciting if you know how to move to it while taking the steps to move through it. That's where the magic happens. What's on the other side is incredible.

Those around you see the changes happening. They feel it. They may like it or they may not. Some may walk away as you attract new people who chose to be a part of your growth. Those who stick around will begin to wonder where the change is coming from and how do I get there? When they see you with positive results they'll feel it through your energy. It moves into the room and conversation before you physically enter. Think about that for a moment.

What a great lesson on how to prepare yourself before you enter a home, the office, a room, a conversation. Think about the type of energy you want to be with? Then be that energy. Be the source of love and fun everyone wants more of. Especially with the Holiday Season approaching. Is it a gentle glide or a burst of energy? Is it frustration, stress, and uneasiness, or could it be grace, positivity, and serenity? Even if you are around people you would rather not be with.

Three Steps to take before you Enter a room:

1. Pause before you enter.

2. Take a deep breath and call in the light frequency of your higher power

3. Be the energy you want to engage in as you become the energy you want to be reciprocated back.

Like attracts like. Light attracts light. Be the change you are seeking. Create this change as you embark on a spiritual journey of your own understanding.

Happy Holiday's!



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