Take a Spiritual Vacation -Three Steps to Creating Greater balance in your Spiritual Practice

It's not what you're thinking. Peace is a destination that many of us are trying to achieve. On a regular basis. At least it is for me. The constant thinking about our mindset, meditation, journal work, eating right, exercise.....ugh Overwhelm!

This consistent focus on how to do it, am I doing it right, oh shit it's not working. Do you feel me? Sometimes the more we think the harder it becomes. Whatever the situation. Great life lesson happening there. Too much of anything, even good things can be too much. Making it way more difficult to arrive at this place - a state of being - the destination of peace.

When we have a spiritual practice or are in the midst of creating one we can get so far into our own heads with adverse effects. Similar to when we have a negative or fearful thought. We think about it over and over and over. It turns into my favorite analogy 'the fisherman story'. You know, when the guys go fishing and caught a minnow? By the time they have told the story ten times over it has turned into a whale. Maybe even a shark!

This is what happens when we do not take a break and allow ourselves to simply be. We amplify the thoughts thus creating a barrier of overthinking. We begin to push for things we really want to achieve (even peace). We can travel in different dimensions and chat with our angelic friends all we want. We can live in this blissful state of love and light. I really don't want to burst your bubble and break the news to you but at some point, you are going to have to make a conscious effort to come back to the reality of living as a human being. We are spiritual beings, yes and we are human beings. It's a balancing act.

Discovering the balance in your practice and in life is the key to success, happiness and peace.

"Try not to overachieve - Try not to underachieve"

Three Steps to Creating Greater Balance in your Spiritual Practice

  1. Say your Peace: Claim what it is you are hoping to gain in your day or in the moment. Remind yourself of this space you are creating when you feel you are stepping out of alignment.

  2. State your Peace: Write it down in your journal to give it substance. Let the universe know your true intentions. Giving it more energy-momentum to cultivate.

  3. Let it Evolve: The most common missed step in building your peaceful mindset practice. Let the universe do its thing! You said what it is you are hoping for. You stated it (hopefully loud and clear.) Now breathe and surrender to the process of creating your peace. Trust this feeling as you set it free. Your release is your vehicle. Trust in this vehicle to get you to where it is you want to arrive.

As often as I practice this formula for success I have a tendency to put it in overdrive and drive myself to a place of anxiety, second-guessing and doubt. Through the years I have learned how to allow my intuition to guide me back to this place of feeling good. That's what peace is. Feeling good at the moment. As long as possible.

When the positive mindset thoughts go into overdrive and begin to take on a different form of energy, one that doesn't feel good, this is when I tell myself it's time for a spiritual vacation.

I bring myself back to my original feeling of what I want for that day and follow these steps. Then take a break! Taking a break from your spiritual work and mindest techniques allows time for the lessons to marinate, formulate, and cultivate. Afterall there is a lesson to be learned. A reason why you went back down that all to a familiar road.

Too much of anything can be overwhelming, demanding and damaging. Even a good thing. You created the flow of energy step into it and ride the wave to peace.

Sending love and light out into the world.

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