The answers can be found in so many places

(part 2 of 3)

My soul's light was trying to keep me in a space of love. I released control and allowed them to lead the way. The post from last week was taken from a page of my personal journal as I share some of my greatest insight into dealing with today's world and situations. You can recap part one here just click.

As I write in my journal the messages that come through for me are truly divine.

~Even the hard ones.

~Even the darker ones.

They bring me to a solid place of understanding. They allow me to continue building my framework and give me a greater understanding of my true soul being as a human being.

My entry was about limiting beliefs and what is the 'soulution' for the best outcome for me. I picked a card from the Divine Light Connection card deck (I heard it's amazing!)

Today l share the 'soulution' card chosen and what my angel's shared with me to guide me back to my soul's purpose.

What is 'soulution' anyways? Funny you should ask that question because I asked myself the same thing when I was writing a journal entry a while back and my spirit guides wrote this word on the page. Not just once but many times over. As usual, I followed their lead.

I asked them what is 'soulution' and I received many answers to this question. I started writing down everything they were sharing with me and was so entranced with the meanings. The path.

The sum of all the definitions given to me is:

"The path to enlightenment is the merging of the soul's desire while tuning into your intuition as you allow for synchronization of your higher good"

The second card chosen in the card journal session was about my soul's memory and all it holds. It's about following the direction of your path which is for your higher good. A message everyone should hear. Another persons path is different but the end game is the same. It is not about the destination but about the journey along the way.

Finding your vehicle is the joy of the ride. What kind of car do you want to drive? A sloppy jalopy or a Mercedes Benz? (figuratively speaking, of course, I don't want a Mercedez) but I do want a smooth ride.

I want to feel the glide. Like I am floating on air. I want ease in the journey even over the potholes.

I don't want the breakdowns to often all though they will happen. When we discover our best ride it lights us up. It ignites something deep down inside of us and lifts us to a new perspective. It allows us to see from a different set of eyes. With clarity and precision.

I began to dive deeper into the message I was receiving as the words unraveled on the pages in front of me. Flowing on the pages of my pretty card session only journal. The number at the top of the card is eighteen. What does this all mean? As I begin to research the meaning of the number and how it relates to my situation it is no surprise that it is right on point.

The number eighteen represents encouragement and support. Something I need often. The more you put yourself out there, the more support that is needed. It literally is telling me that my team of angels is standing beside me and behind me as well as in front of me leading the way. The number is showing me the importance of being positive to be a part of the positive change. As thriving in the negative thoughts will only bring in more negative energy.

'Say what you want....not what you don't want"

This is an integral part of your personal growth. We tend to speak more of the not and not enough of the shall I say it? Soulution! Focus on the change you want to see and release the rest to allow yourself to move forward.

Do not fear lack or loss it is simply an ending to make room for a new beginning. Have faith in your angels and trust them. Consider expanding your spiritual growth with new information for greater insight. Listen to that guidance and take the next step.

That next step shortly appeared in the form of a new book. Deep within that book were the words and wisdom that I had been searching for. That gave me the answers to what I knew all along but was being led to question it and almost dismissing it.

The answers can be found in so many places:

1. If we allow ourselves to be guided.

2. If we fully listen.

3. Then accept what is begin shown to us.

Hostility, anger, and negative thoughts are all part of a darker side we are trying to avoid. When we are living in the light we truly are light-hearted and feel amazing. This allows us to see from a full spectrum with loving eyes and a greater solution for all.

Join me next week for card number three from my card journal session and what the projected outcome can be if you follow spirits lead.

Sending you love filled light with many beautiful miracles coming your way.

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