The Importance of seeing where you are

As you check back in with yourself to see where you are, how you feel, and get back into the alignment of focus and feeling good.

Easier said than done sometimes I know as I am currently experiencing a major shift in my energy. Sitting back and allowing.

I'm going to be completely transparent as I typically try to be but sometimes these shifts can be extremely difficult as they drag you into a space of feeling some heavy things.

In these major life-changing moments, labeled as 'the void' you are releasing aspects of your personality that no longer fit with who you are becoming. It's bigger than a rollercoaster ride it's more like the plunge!

A freefall. It's a form of surrender. You are not the one facilitating it as source is being a curator for you because it's time. Thoughts and feelings can be more difficult. Feeling of loneliness, despair, and unworthiness can appear larger than life as you clear your energy field to connect with your higher self on a new level.

It can be difficult. It is difficult. It is beautiful at the same time because through my experiences I KNOW on the other side of this storm is a calmness enhanced with the brightness of the light that shines within.

As it rises to a new day and a new opportunity. This too shall pass. You will rise.

"it is through the fires we will rise with clarity and everything we need"

Sit in the stillness and be patient.

Xoxo Michelle

PS: When you're ready I have three ways to begin a new way

and discover something amazing about YOU!

  1. What if you could tune into the healing power of spiritual light energy? Sometimes you need a little help. A simple reminder. ​​Inside 'Essence of Light' you'll discover 7 Days of Journal Prompts to guide you towards enlightenment. ​To create movement within for a greater flow of receiving light energy. click here

  2. Tap into your Intuitive Abilities to begin: to receive inspiring guidance & messages. For healing and understanding. For growth and expansion. To bring more FUN into your day! Oracle Cards for Intuitive Guidance Masterclass begins Oct 22

  3. Unlock the healing powers of light: What if you could tune into the healing power of spiritual light energy? How can you bring more light into your life? Lift the shades of gray to see color? To see clearly and love freely? by simply calling in more light. Begin with this meditation. Every day for the next seven days. click here

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