The Other Side of Fear

This weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to speak in front of an amazing group of women in Missouri. I know it may be hard to believe but I am actually a very shy person. Once upon a time, my self-confidence was barely in existence. Even though I may have appeared to be very confident.

I didn't understand my value in life and often had very little self-worth. I was afraid to fail and concerned what others may think if I did. I never understood how I fit in and often felt left out. At times I even felt invisible. I didn't think I had anything to offer the world let alone offer anything to myself.

Through my journey with the guidance of my angels, I realized I was not alone in feeling these feelings. I began to see that others felt many of the same feelings. I was able to discover something greater than myself and my self-pity.

"I began to step into my fears and come out the other side shining brighter than ever before. Every time I feel like I'm falling, failing, or being fearful I now know I will rise. There's a gift on the other side."

I will rise to a new level of being. A new level of understanding. My angels taught me this. This doesn't mean that you are not currently good enough where you are it simply means there is room for more. There is always room for more especially when you clear the way. That is my purpose to help you and your team of Angel's rise to the next level. To clear the way. To transform unwanted energy to a more serving energy. Whatever that may be for you. I am so honored and grateful for each and every one of you who follows me as we travel through our journeys together for guidance and support.

If you were to tell me I was going to write a book and put aside my fears of judgment and perfection, I would have thought you were out of your mind. I'm now working on book number five and braver than ever. Through the guidance and embrace of my Angel's love, they have allowed me to see the other side of fear. On the other side of fear is light. A light filled with love and gratitude. That shows you your strength and grace in amazing ways. Why are we so fearful of being with this powerful source?

Although it may not have been easy and I still struggle with some of these fears I know my fear is actually my strength. It's the vehicle that gets me to the next level of feeling better. The next level of love. The next level of light.

I still have a fear of fitting in.

Being seen. Being heard. Being understood. Being judge.

I'm not sure if it ever one hundred percent goes aways. I do know that it gets easier to work through each time it makes a reappearance. It doesn't have such an ugly face anymore. The mask has been removed and I no longer have to hide behind it. Maybe it wears too much makeup at times but that easily washes off with makeup remover.

The day I left for Missouri I was on the plane and thinking to myself why am I going? What am I doing? Spirit so kindly reminded me 'this is what you asked for.' This is where we guided you. The opportunity to speak to others, to share your light and spark the light within. I agreed. I took a deep breath and moved forward. I found comfort and strength in each new breath.

The next evening, the night before I was to present I had a rush of fear flood over me again. Ugh, go away! I was ready to redesign my entire outline. I wasn't sure how I fit into this retreat. I wasn't sure how I fit with these women. Their spiritual practices were different from mine. All the feelings rushing in one after another. I spoke with my husband on the phone and I explained how I was feeling.

I was dropping down the rabbit hole of self-doubt. He then so kindly reminded me that I was brought here for a purpose. "Don't change a thing. Your message is just what someone there needs to hear." He was right! I collected my thoughts as I remember the mission that was given to me to spread love and joy to as many people as I can reach. I was able to present to them the feeling of motion with excitement and conviction to stand up for themselves in a new way. To stand tall, stand strong and create change. To believe in themselves like never before. Just as I had in that moment of stepping through my fear.

NOW! Not tomorrow but now. When I speak to a group of people I come alive. I have more confidence and believe in the words that are being channeled through me. Something comes over me it's truly magical. I know I am doing what I am supposed to do. My angels are amazing with their support and love. As I shared my stories and methods allowing for creative flow in your life (aka exactly what I was doing) it truly felt incredible!

What I do know is that those who needed to receive my message heard it. Those that were ready to receive it did. Those not ready to hear or receive had the gift of the seed being planted to begin to live life in a new way. A better way.

Even if they only heard one word that sparked their light within. My mission was complete.

6 Steps to Move through Fear

1. Step into the fear-based thought. It usually is not as hard as we make it out to be. The rush that takes place once you go through it is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. You'll wonder why it took you so long as you travel through the to the other side shining brighter than ever before

2. Every time I feel like I'm falling, failing, and being fearful I now know I will rise. You can too. These actions are stepping stones to get you to where you want to go. They aren't taken at face value or the words used to describe their actions. Failure is not a failure it's how we learn and grow. Falling is just a warning sign to stand in your power and fears are simply the self-pity stories you tell yourself. They are not your truth.

3. There's a gift on the other side of this fear and it's filled with love and light.

4. Through the guidance and embrace of your Angel's love, they will lift you through the other side of fear. Surrender to this guidance and allow their direction to take you through.

5. Know your fear is actually your strength. It's the vehicle that gets you to the next level of feeling better. The next level of love. The next level of light.

6. Your power is in your breath. Take a deep breath (or two or three) and move forward. Don't move backward. Don't stand still, get up and move. Emotion is motion and motion is energy. Energy is what will get you to where you want to go. Find comfort and strength in each new breath.

2019 Women's Goddess retreat Missouri

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