This is why I have a Spiritual Practice

As I write in my journal the messages that come through for me are truly divine.

  • Even the hard ones.

  • Even the darker ones.

  • They bring me to a solid place of understanding.

  • They allow me to continue building my framework

  • and give me a greater understanding of my true soul being as a human being.

My entry was about limiting beliefs and what is the 'soulution' for the best outcome for me. I picked a card from the Divine Light Connection card deck (I heard it's amazing!) This was the first card that came through'

I see the golden heart and never saw the card in this light previously. Even tho I co-created it with my angel team.

The message I received was 'Heart of Gold'. Many purposes with the full connection - BELIEVE THIS!

It reads 'the pull you feel is the energy of your higher power guiding you towards your authenticity' as my spirit team continues to elaborate -- The pull you feel is not your doubt but your authentic self trying to better understand. From all perspectives not just your own. When you think, feel, and lead authentically you are using the energy of your soul's light. Light is love. Light is pure. Light is perspective with grace.

This particular situation I was seeking guidance on brought me back to many limiting beliefs from my past where my doubts used to hold strong with a firm grip.

  • not feeling smart enough

  • saying the wrong thing

  • being made fun of

  • afraid to speak up

  • afraid to ask a question for fear of appearing dumb

  • being laughed at

  • being humiliated

All this came to the forefront during a trying time. The pull I felt was my higher power trying to pull me back to my place of love and light but I fought it.

Only to create resistance.

Which created more

  • stress

  • fear

  • doubt

  • anxiety

  • and low-grade depression.

I have lived in the dark before -- many times. I refuse to allow myself to go back there. It's a battle sometimes for sure to simply keep my head above water. People that have never experienced depression have a hard time understanding it. It's not a switch you turn on and off. If only it were that easy.

This is why I have a spiritual practice. To keep me within my frame of stability with a stronger foundation on which to grow.

The message from my divine team was simply A reminder to get out of my own way.

My soul's light was trying to keep me in this space of love. I released control and allowed them to lead the way.

Stay tuned as l share the soulution card chosen and what my angel's shared with me to guide me back to my soul's purpose.


Three Steps to Guide Your Way Back to Love

  1. Create a Spiritual Practice of your Own Understanding - and then actually use the tools that help you best

  2. Step back for a moment before you step back in. This allows you to see from a new heightened view for a better understanding. In other words, get out of your own way.

  3. Listen to your inner guidance - it is your soul's memory of all good things guiding you back home

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