Three ways to strengthen your connection with your Angel Team.

A few years ago I created this card deck that I never published. At the time I was not sure why except the timing did not feel right. It sat in my files with thousands of other material created but never shared. I couldn't delete it because I knew it was made from a place of love and connection as it will serve its purpose in due time. Now is the time.

It may have been buried deep within the google drive storage almost as if it was hiding for just the right moment to resurface. And there it was. I was directed to that folder and realized once going through all the cards that were previously created they were waiting to emerge.

Which is my purpose for writing to you today. You have many files of your own within your soul being where information is simply waiting to emerge. You feel called to begin this path of developing your soul connection. It is the time for you to journey to the center of your soul to rediscover the greatest connection of all. YOU.

Imagine how your body is feeling when exercise or movement is nonexistent. Stiff, sore, tired. Now Imagine how your soul feels when it's not properly nourished. Stagnant, sad, tired. Longing for more. Isn't it time to begin to exercise the soul's muscle? To restore it back to its original state of being?

Change is an evolutionary process in which we need three important variables:

1. The willingness to create a better way

2. Open your heart and your mind to the possibilities

3. Trust and faith that we are being guided for the greater good of all

Isn't it time we begin to tune into a different frequency? You may see the signs of something far greater but are you ready to better understand what this all means? Are you willing to take that step?

We leave many clues behind as your angel team places them in your path. They may go unnoticed or passed by as a 'coincidence'. As you begin to tune in you will realize the value of your ah-ha moments and decisions that were made for your higher good.

The more you realize this connection the more energy you give it and the greater it becomes. Allowing you to tune on a regular basis.

Your connection is as strong as you wish it to be. That's right. You are the one in the driver seat. In any aspect of your life. You are in control of your greatest wishes, desires, and destiny. If you fully want to be. Like so many other things in your life, it takes time, practice, and patience.

The beginning is the easy part.

Staying in practice can prove to be a bit more challenging. But the reward is seriously out of this world!!! I mean that in many ways, shapes and forms. :)

The willingness is there but are you ready to act upon it? Take that one step forward. Begin to ask questions? Willing to receive those answers? I get it. It can be scary or maybe even feel a bit daunting. It's not as difficult as you may think. In fact, it's probably one of the easiest things I have ever done. This is where you allow your angels to lead the way. Take a hold of their hand.

Here are three very simple ways to begin your journey for a greater connection and feeling of peace.

Three ways to strengthen your connection with your Angel Team.

1. Thank them for their presence in your life even if you are not sure they are there. Trust that they are.

2. Notice those moments of joy, laughter, patience, understanding, and such as a little help from your angel friends. Showing you their love. Then thank them again for their presence in your life.

3. Ask them to be more visible for you on a daily basis. Show me the signs, show me the way. Then thank them for their presence in your life.

Make it a point every day to have an open conversation to open the lines of communication and build a stronger connection. Not sure what to say? That’s OK. That will come in time.

Simply ask what do you want me to know today? Then go on your merry way.

Sending much love-filled light your way as you begin to expect more miracles your day,



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