You are Never Alone

There have been many moments in my life when I could be standing in the middle of the room surrounded by family and friends, yet somehow feel very alone.

The dark clouds would roll in as I would slip deeper into this feeling of despair and allow it to become my truth.

Moments of loneliness are the moments you move away from the love within yourself. The light within.

With this light, it brightens the darkest corners allowing you to see its glory.

Its glory is YOU.

This is lightwork.

Your light is the spark of the connection to your angel's love and the love of your creator. God's Love.

You are more then this spark of light. It is your true essence.

Your willingness to see this light, to call it in is your refuge. The place of peace when acknowledged for what it is. The center of your truth.

Through peace, we can release the uncertainty the pain the anxiety the stress the fear the discomfort the unknowing

As you begin to recognize the rewards of this space. The peace and love in which the light has allowed your vision to clear.

You now can begin to realize in those moments of despair and loneliness you were truly never alone.

XOXO Michelle

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