What is your truth?

A few weeks ago during one of my many meditation journal sessions, (I call them sessions because they are my therapy. My insight to what I need most for myself and thus to share with others) I was directly asked this question from my higher power "What is Truth"?

Stop reading for a moment and ask yourself this same question. What do you receive?

In my mind, I thought I know truth and then I heard the words 'but do you'?

Like most opportunities in my life, I've been lead by spirit to walk a certain path. I hold myself to a higher standard than I hold anyone else. Not because I think I'm better but because my expectations for my successes will be met when I hold myself high. By which I mean living my truth.

When I am in my truth:

~ I feel like I am on top of the world.

~ I feel amazing.

~ I feel accomplished.

~ I feel joy.

(hint number one) Truth is about feeling.

This is my truth. At least part of it.

The weeks moved forward as each session I was given a glimpse through books, other readings, and channeled messages as my team of angels continued to guide me in the pursuit of the meaning of truth. The answer has the potential to be a complete book but I will spare you the long-winded response and do my best to sum it up with the most important pieces that have been revealed to me.

"Truth is light. Light is the connection to your divine higher power source"

The willingness to return to this light is your truth. Through light your will allows you to travel for the discovery of greater awareness. The will to see the light in the situation, to give forgiveness, to be unapologetically you, to see your value, to begin to heal. In these moments your truth allows you to open your wings and fly.

Your truth is love. Love for all things.

I recently heard the phrase from a retreat I attended "if you cannot love the person look within to love their light."

It is your light too. If you are not loving the other you are not loving yourself. More of your truth. Ouch. That one can be difficult to swallow but when you do and it is digested your light shines through a new lens.

You do not have to own another's truth. It is not yours. Own your truth before you judge another for theirs. In owning your truth there will be no judgment. Read that again. With gratitude for this action, you release it to discover stillness in your thoughts. This stillness is your truth. As your light allows you to surrender to rest and gather peace within.

This your truth. The truth of truth is that it's ever-changing. As you allow for the surrender of light to shine through. To shine in the crevices of darkness to uncover years of pain allow for healing to begin.

Retreat 2021 -- It's time to FLY - May 21st -23rd 2021

Release - Recharge - Rejuvenate.

As a lightworker when was the last time you took the opportunity to be the receiver instead of the giver?

It is time to receive as you release old energies to recharge your inner battery of strength and goodness. To rejuvenate your soul's light as you return back to love and serve others on a higher level of enlightenment.

Come together with like minded people as we create an endearing bond through a weekend filled with new experiences, meditations, self reflection and ceremonial celebrations.

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