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Unveil the mystique of working with your

higher power!

Are YOU ready for some ME TIME?

Can you relate to any of the following?

Do you feel like you're running on the treadmill of life?

Doing the same thing day after day?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and ready for a change?

Learning to tap into my own spiritual energy has been a very lifting experience. It has taught me how to better handle difficult situations that may come my way, deepened my own spiritual relationship with God. Every session leaves me feeling refreshed, enlightened and full of positivity!!  ~Nancy

                                                                        Beginning Thursday May 24th 7PM LIVE ON-LINE

                                                                                            Thursday May 31st 7PM  LIVE ON-LINE​

                                                                                            Thursday June 7th 7PM  LIVE ON-Line for the grand finale!


This is the course I taught last year at Lilydale  NY --

the stomping grounds of spirituality!

Many do not realize their angels are near! They are with us everyday showing us the way.  Imagine if we could connect with them to better understand how to get  to where it is we want to go? Or to even have the knowledge of where it is we should go? 


In each installment of the course  you will learn some amazing tools  to  begin to flourish on your journey to self discovery! 

We will Explore how you can:

~ Awaken your Intuition

~ Gain insight into your future

~ Live the life of abundance you so deserve

~ Live stress free

~ Connect with your loved ones for special messages

~ Become your authentic self and live happy

Be ready to meet your very own Team of Angels. See how they can guide you through your journey. Guard you from going down the wrong path. Protect you from life's falters. 

Don't wait another day to make that change. 


                              Today is your day and it begins with this WORKSHOP!

Let's dive into a new way of living! Let's do this!!!! 

After one Class here is what one student had to say:

Just wanted to let you know that I'm already feeling a shift on self-worth issues. I'm noticing ways in which my perspective on self-worth has contributed to patterns in daily life, and that's very empowering to see. ~Sarah

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FREE 30 minute coaching session with me!  

Clients invest a lot of $$ to work with me for just one hour, so this is an awesome value.

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                                                                        Beginning Thursday May 24th 7PM LIVE ON-LINE

                                                                                            Thursday May 31st 7PM  LIVE ON-LINE​

                                                                                            Thursday June 7th 7PM  LIVE ON-Line for the grand finale!


Here is what others have to say about this course!

Details will arrive in your Inbox a day before the class


I really enjoyed this 3 session angel class.(originally was a 3 part course) I have done a lot of reading on my own and have taken classes in the past so I was familiar with a lot of the material. I enjoyed the format and the way Michelle presented the material. I felt very comfortable sharing in the group setting. I am really becoming more aware of the presence of spirit in my life. It is pretty amazing to really understand that we are not alone.Michelle is very genuine, caring and knowlegable.  Thank you for what you do <3 ~SUE



Attending these workshops with Michelle, helped me realize that what I believed all along was actually an actuality. I have had angels with me my entire life.

Michelle makes the classes very stress, very calming, allowing for meditations with great outcomes. She's a great teacher, great listener, gives great advice and I look forward to studying with her further. Through her I have learned that there are messages given to us each day. We have to be receptive. ~ Donna


​You are an inspiration to everyone to come in contact with. I loved your class and your book...I felt a warmth when I was with you and I learned to ask my angels for signs and to always thank them ❤❤❤ --Ingrid​







                                       Beginning  Thursday May 24th 7PM LIVE ON-LINE

                                                            Thursday May 31st 7PM  LIVE ON-LINE​

                                                            Thursday June 7th 7PM  LIVE ON-Line for the grand finale!

Can't make the date? No worries everything will be recorded and you can work at your own pace!

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