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 3 steps to discovering your angel’s love

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Discovering your 'Angel's Love'  

When I wrote my first book 'Never Alone' I remember thinking if I can help one person gain insight and feel better about themselves then all this hard work will be worth it.


That was my biggest intention when I finished it. I didn't know how this was going to happen or where this new venture was leading me but I had been driven to write about my angel experiences for many years.


Five years later here I am still writing, teaching and public speaking (this was probably one of my biggest fears in life) but I do it with ease and grace as it fulfills a purpose that was gifted to me by the highest power. 


Helping so many others in their quest for something new, different, better. Once I digested the magnitude of what was happening as I began helping countless other's I realized that together we can make a difference in this world.


'Together our energy is greater and our impact tremendous!'


I’m so excited to hear how many of you loved my free video training series!

Now it’s time for the big reveal...


My invite is for people who inspire to take that next step. Keep reading don't scroll away you may see yourself in something mentioned below...


  • To begin to learn how to glide through life with ease

  • To be more present in the special moments

  • To create a better way of living and loving others by seeing something new within yourself.

  • For people who want to gain the confidence to own their purpose and take action on their dreams right now.

  • People who feel called to seek newness and awesomeness

  • To be heard and create movements

  • To see how you can make this world a better place

  • Searching for something new but not quite sure what it is


When my daughter went off to college, I really felt lost. Being the youngest of my two children my baby was flying the coupe. I was blessed to be a stay at home Mom but in the midst of that, I lost something of myself. I felt like there was something more I was supposed to do. The handbag business that I had been nourishing for years was a constant struggle and it wasn't satisfying this need I felt for helping others. I didn't have anything for me per se. Something that I grew up thinking was very selfish: to think of myself. Little did I know that my handbag business was going to lead me to this much greater purpose in life! 


My new groundbreaking online course has arrived! There isn’t another one out there like it. It was created from my latest book 'Angel's Love'.


During the course of 3 weeks at your pace you will:

  • interact live as a collective community 3 times

  • where you will gain insight and support from not only me but other's in the group

  • I will share guided meditations each week to assist you along your journey

  • you will begin to discover the steps to take forward to begin or build a personal spiritual practice of your own understanding.

  • we will discuss the steps to allow you to stand in your power and create the life you've always dreamed

  • how to implement a new way of thinking into your everyday life to where it becomes a new part of you.

  • open your mind to the possibilities of connecting with a power greater than you

  • what are your gifts and what does this mean?

  • discovering your natural abilities to better connect

  • gain back access to your rightful abilities

  • learn the art of acceptance and appreciation

  • trust, faith, and believe -- what's the difference and how they affect our lives

  • how to tune into the frequency of your angels

  • how to elevate your vibration on a consistent basis for greater connection

  • meet your team of angels or spirit team

  • the power of 3 and other numbers

  • seeing the signs your angels are near

  • what are spirit impressions and identifiers plus how do we use them

  • self-work for creating greater self-worth

  • the power of a word

  • the practice of I am

  • self-love -- a lifestyle transformation

  • stop, drop and roll what exactly is angel's love and how to use this wisdom in your everyday life


With this on-line digital program you will receive:


Lifetime access so you can return to the material and learn at your own pace.


all the LIVE VIDEO Replays in case you can not make it live!


In honor of your commitment to discovering your 'Angel's Love' 


Your BONUS Values are worth more than the cost of the course. I'm not about the money....I'm about the message. 


P.S. *all* bonuses expire on July 9th at 11:55 pm ET. Sign up now to lock in everything! The course cost discount will remain the same for you but the Bonus offers will disappear.  click here


As always Love, Light and many Miracles in your day